Mass Res Will Return | 10 Reasons Why

god no. no. anything but valk or mass rez.


but if it does i don’t mind, still prefer Mercy 2.0…much more fun

I’m sure devs can give Mercy a completely rework like changing her entire kit and make her more challenging to play like Ana or Lucio Perhaps?

I don’t actually think that Valk is a bad ultimate at all but is poorly implemented because is a transform ultimate like Genji but when Mercy use valk feels like " Meh" who cares? she provides nothing really useful for her team, in fact a single Moira healing orb does better than Valkyrie.

The only good thing that Mercy can do with Valkryie is to contest Overtime due to how “hard” is to take her down by just normal damage.

My honest opinion I think Mercy needs damage boost removed and replaced by something else because Orisa supercharge does the same and of course Valkyrie needs something else to be more valuable for Mercy team.

Resurrect on E feels balanced right now you can still resurrect a key teammate and turn the tables but doesn’t feel actually overpowered because now it has counter play.

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I respect your opinion.


Come to think of it… Another support with the ability to “prevent a kill” through some sort of slowed death effect “That basically causes the person to be downed” would be an awesome compliment to Mercy’s resurrect ability :smiley:

Like, one hero could specialize in pro-actively preventing kills, and the other can specialize in reversing it. Hmmm, interesting!

Maybe the new hero could be called Grace as well, since you know… There would then be “Grace and Mercy.” Oh apologies, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself at the moment, ha :wink:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

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Theres this idea. Mabye it would be more to your liking?


Mercy feels horrible right now and sometimes I’m scared to have one on my tier (Master) unless we play perfectly around our Mercy with Phara or dive comp.

The only positive thing about bringing Mercy to the worst healer/support in the game that now we can expect cool buffs or rework on PTR soon or later.

Mercy shouldn’t be an introduction character anymore this game is almost 3 years old.

I say this because my most loved/played character who is the only reason I play this game was extremely boring (Dm.Bot ) and Overpowered now after all buff-nerfs-buff-nerf-nerf-buffs etc feels like a high skill character who can do many things and fill in comps without being broken or OP.


Alright, I updated it :slight_smile:
My initial thought was right, but I cleared up the mechanics around it.

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I haven’t played Mercy in 2 seasons, and I’m starting to not care. Moria is fun and effective. It’s sad how they balance some characters and leave them the way they are.

I still visit the bastion thread to see how they are doing.

People in this forum should stop hating on X character the more viable characters we have the more diverse comp we can play.

I mean if we look at season 12, what is meta now? I play this game every day and watch a lot of pro players and haven’t figure it yet.

We are playing standard Reinhart-Zarya - Dive comp - Hybrid Dive comp - Roadhog/Orisa and so on.

Sadly Bastion to be like a normal pick like Mcree/S76/Phara etc needs a rework his core design is annoying to deal because requires a team playing around him every single game.

I don’t think having niche characters or characters that are only picked at certain ends of the skill spectrum is a problem.

I think if there were:

  1. More characters to provide greater variety at all levels of play, pick rates would spread out more.
  2. More maps that compliment niche characters some more. Like, I get that maps need to be balanced but perhaps having something that can suit niche characters on both sides will see pick rates rise.

But you know, just my opinions on the matter. I think the lack of diversity is what causes a lot of hate.

I also think, characters will always receive hate but as long as they are balanced fairly, then who cares about the haters. It is never fun playing against people who are good at their characters. Just as playing against ults isn’t normally any fun either. People just want to get salty because they don’t pay enough attention to deal with these things.

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An ultimate should have more impact than an ability and that goes for anyone. So rez doesn’t belong in an ability slot. Maybe a new ability that involves her staff to replace it. Idk

He likes hotdogs and burritos. Don’t believe me? Fight me.

People in this forum should stop hating on X character the more viable characters we have the more diverse comp we can play.

You do realize this is the most diverse ever meta since the game launch? Mercy being crap doesn’t mean the rest aren’t balanced. In fact, it was necessary for Mercy to go down to make room for others. Was it the right way? I’d argue not really, but what she needs now is a little push ot make up to par again, not something so huge it’ll risk breaking the game again like 2.0 did. And 1.0 isn’t the answer. That crap is broken by design.

Thank you for your effort :slight_smile: Sorry if I made you feel obligated.

The two state down system offers a lot in these areas.

When it comes to OW, and the lack of such a system, the ability to rez from death seems to take on a different representation.

In a lot of ways I appreciate the ability to reverse death and also the mind games involved in such a thing. It seems terribly difficult, outside of say a 2 stage death system, to balance though.

I like how the singular rez interacts with the game, as just the initial pick doesn’t necessarily mean a roll. Whereas the invuln version of Mass Rez was, at the highest levels of play, used simply as a singular rez in a lot of ways.

What I know is the devs don’t want a type of mechanic that basically encourages a dedicated healer to allow someone to die to maximize the rez mechanic. In that sense, the 1:1 approach seems sound. I just think the current 1:1 mechanic, that is Rez on E, is a bit problematic in and of itself.

Perhaps we can make that rez gain its value via ult, and perhaps replace rez on E.

I wish people would discuss the more nuanced in between instead of just advocating for mass rez because it seemed fun. I see a lot of people say Mass Rez provided mind games and such that they enjoyed.

I can tell you that I did not enjoy being on the recieving end of those mind games. I didn’t like so much of the engagement team fight strategy revolving around Mercy and the kill order she falls in. However, I do truly appreciate the depth it provided and want more of that for Mercy’s kit.

It’s so much more complex than many around here seem to realize or admit. As at this time, I think many realize the complexity, but refuse to admit it and instead argue the talking points that support their agenda. I wish we could advance the discussion beyond what it was a year ago.


I think her mind games were great, but I think the no LOS made the kill order harder to complete, especially when Mercy’s were climbing on 30% win rate because of SR bug.

I think going back to Mass Rez with adjustments to make it feel fair would be a good thing. I mean, yeah it was used for a tempo rez at higher ranks but it isn’t as if this is invaluable.

Mass Rez with no line of sight and no cast time, with the SR bugs made hide and rez prominent which made killing her first difficult but in many cases, this sabotaged her own team and not her.

Mass Rez with changes would be nice to try, but like perhaps putting all the changes characters have under gone as accessible settings in custom games that can be finely tweaked, including playing with things like LoS and cast times, so that the community can test all the thoughts of balance they have.

I would happily lose all forms of Rez however, for something fun and just a little bit impactful, with all the mind games and risk and adrenaline that I felt with Mass Rez. I love Mercy’s reliability because I love to help a team but I don’t like letting them down, this is why Mercy was my favourite support. When I couldn’t sustain them, I liked that her healing was a middle ground between main and off support so it allowed her to have a simultaneously strong and weak ult depending on the situation she used it in could help or hinder her team. I always thought it was unfair that she could do it behind a wall but I never often did it behind a wall anyway. I also believed that no cast time and invulnerability was a little bit shady.

I never expected to ever reach high ranks with Mercy, I was hoping to perhaps reach platinum at most honestly. Even if I stagnated there with her and moved on to another support at times if I intended to learn and climb higher. After the rework, I climbed for a bit but I think the issue was that, so did so many other Mercy’s and after so many changes, I have reached a point where I am no longer climbing and it is a bit disappointing but, it is what it is.

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How I feel is that… Let’s be honest… Blizzard hasn’t had the greatest track record when it comes to LOS checks and such.

I am afraid that, in this current state of the game, etc, that trying to shoehorn some version of Mass Rez into her kit could very easily make her pretty much worthless outside of Bronze -> Plat. Especially with the LOS, cast time, lack of invlun, etc conditions that many advocate for.

Now we can say that’s fine, like Mercy shouldnt be viable in higher tiers. But I, personally, ideally, would like her to have some measure of viability and representation in higher tiers, and I feel like if she is depedent on Mass Rez then that can’t ever be the case. Numerical advantage is so important.

I also like the ability for the swing potential and significance of the first initial pick being potentially mitigated. Prior to the Mercy rework, pro play in a lot of ways was the moment one team got a pick the dive started. Mercy rework did a lot to temper that.

I want Mercy viable and ideal in some compositiions at higher tiers. I don’t think she can achieve that with Mass Rez.

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As a Mercy main, I STOPPED reading HERE. Mass Rez never was respected, never gave glory and never got impact.

Perhaps if they better designed the E Rez, and gave her a proper ultimate, this would be okay.
But they need to design these to suit her and that is hard.

I feel as if Resurrect needs to be earned if it is going to be casted after people die and needs to be pre-casted if it going to be on a cool-down.

Trying to save as many lives as possible (or optimal in the case of in game circumstances) seems very Mercy and I can see why they went with Mass Rez, it went nicely with her kit and character but with proper balance changes would have been better for most people.

I think E-Rez needs to be a pre-cast, like I think this person is going to die, I will place this on them and if they die they will come back. However, is it worth it if they don’t come back closer to the team, if they revive out there, they die or alternatively the enemy team might delay a kill to prevent the revive. It leaves a lot more down to pre-medititating a situation, which bodes well for higher ranked play and would possibly give Mercy players another character to play. And hopefully the healing style would be unique and feel more in line with have an E-Rez. Perhaps an E-Rez like this would allow for a lower healing rate, like 50 hp/s but with a special burst heal or damage mitigation ability to go with the E -Rez in a more reliable way.

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It’s also hard because like… what is a “proper” ultimate? What is a “better designed” E Rez? I can ask 30 people these questions, and potentially get 30 different answers.

Yo I love the idea of precast, preemptive, in a similar way as to how Zarya bubbles counter CC… I have to keep in mind tho, devs seem to really want to keep Mercy simple and reliable, consistent, and entry level hero. I don’t want that, I’d love Mercy acting more like Zarya in a lot of ways, I LOVE ZARYA, but… Other people don’t.

A lot of people try to act like their particular position or perspective is in some way the correct one when it comes to this Mercy stuff. They think that others should compromise for them, while refusing to compromise on the manifestation of their ideal of Mercy themselves.

Hypocrisy, like some I have had to deal with in this thread.

I agree with all of this. While I can’t say how well it will work for the game or if its right or wrong or whatever. I think this is a beautiful and open way of considering and approaching Rez and Mercy as a whole. I WISH MORE PEOPLE ON THIS FORUM WOULD BE LIKE YOU.

I’d love Rez on E to be a sort of preemptive or resource based mechanic. I’d love Valk to be completely reworked, it was built with a 20s duration due to the initial Rez refresh and CD reduction. That’s all been removed. I think many would like it more if we exchanged duration for power. Boost the raw numbers, reduce the duration.

Regardless, I think the general game environment, dev sentiment, public sentiment, is one which does not really want a Mass Rez. And it’s hard to say if Mass Rez would work in current meta.

I want Mercy viable, in all levels, and fun, for as many people as possible though. Don’t get me wrong. I love playing her. I am getting very impatient with how narrow minded some people on this forum have become when it comes to discussing Mercy though…

You though… Exactly what this forum needs. Thank you so much for our exchange tonight. <3.