Many SMS phone posts but new account bots

A lot of the people having trouble have phones, it’s just their particular plans are blocked by Blizzard.

Also, there’s a lot of underage players and some families play together with separate accounts but only have one phone.



You have 20 posts now?
Yet complaining everyone except yourself are all FRAUDS, right?


Yea the ones with the phone plans i agree they need to find a way to sort it out but i was referring to people who say they don’t have phones.

In the past few I saw at max possibly 2 whole ppl claiming they do NOT have a Cellular out of maybe 20+ whom said they cannot get Verified


Ok let’s go by your logic, i am a fraud diamond border player…what are you trying to achieve here??

You’re talking out your back side?


Some people legitimately still don’t have access to cell phone for whatever reason. Heck, up until a few years ago I didn’t either since I wouldn’t use one enough to justify the cost and my parents were super slow to adapt.

SMS verification is great but while it works for most, some people are inevitably going to fall through the cracks. There’s alternative methods of account verification Blizzard could (and should) provide so no one gets left out.


Oooor maybe, and just hear me out here…

A lot of people have suddenly been told they can’t play Overwatch any more and have come to the forums to try and figure out what’s going on (and from what I hear Tech Support is redirecting people to this forum if asked about it.)


I know it could be tough for some, but we have seen how terrible OW1 was with smurfs & cheaters. I think blizz just had to make a choice and sacrifice the minority for a better game. If the same issue were to be addressed on OW2, the game will die fast and this is like their last chance to get things right.

This forum is so bad, developers literally stopped to come here for years and come here only for official notifications and very few other things.

Before in 2016-2018 they come here to talk with us of the game.

So isn’t really a surprise some type of “players” acting in this way.

But they are a very little part of the players, so they will be ignored like usually happen.

I rarely get on here myself unless i feel the state of the game is literally unplayable if you have seen my previous posts but yea like you said, it’s mostly a venting forum and i would rather think they would listen to the content creators to make changes.

Yup let’s sacrifice that minority of loyal players to cut down on smurfs/cheaters… that are likely going to still find their way into the game regardless. :roll_eyes:

Just because there’s another obstacle in the way doesn’t mean that people out there won’t still cheat or smurf.

Why even take this route of sacrificing honest players when the problem you’re trying to solve will still be there?

  • 20% of USA use Prepaid
  • 35% of UK use Prepaid
  • 25% of Germany use Prepaid

That’s a very large portion of the potential Player Base left out in the cold don’t ya think?

Like dropping an Atom Bomb to kill a Bee

I recall someone someplace stated comparing SMS vs Players lost


But again, that’s just it, combating smurfs doesn’t mean Blizzard has to just throw up their hands and sacrifice that minority.

All Blizzard practically speaking needs here is a way to verify individual player’s identity that isn’t easily gotten around. SMS is easiest for most people, but it’s not the only nor even most effective way. I mean, it’s invasive, but submitting a driver’s license or similar ID card would definitely work for Blizzard’s purposes.

If the game was not free, then yea i would agree that is rough but the game is free and that is why i am saying these numbers might look like a minority to blizz.

Btw Lucky, you are having a problem correct? I think I read that in another thread and look at you with 5668 posts. I am also having a problem and I’m sitting here at 3520 posts. LuckyDucky is too and he has almost 9000 posts. So maybe the OP could see that normal, regular users are having problems too and deduce that this doesn’t have to be the result of some conspiracy?

Anybody ever tell you what happens when you “assume”? It’s an old “dad joke”, stop me if you’ve heard it.

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I know what you’re saying. I’m merely showing you the most accurate information I could possibly gather

It’s not a small problem locking out the Player Base from playing OW2

It’s never going to deter nor prevent anything from going against the ToS and fixes absolutely nothing implementing SMS

I was referring to people with no phones trolls, not the phone plans issues.

Yeah and you’re still wrong, my problem is I don’t have a cell phone. Ta-daa.

Don’t just assume if you can help it, and when you do, don’t stick by your guns when people tell you something you just imagined is wrong. That can lead to all sorts of trouble.

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It doesn’t let you change the first number in your phone number. My boyfriend can’t play because he can’t change his phone number and it’s set to a phone that is pre paid.

Some people only have pre paid phones

Some don’t even have phones

I think it was a good way to combat smurfing but I feel like locking the ip of someone’s pc to one account would be better. I don’t know if that is possible though tbh. But they do need some alternative way to verify the account.

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