This phone problem's actually a big deal

Firstly, I’m starting to see people unironically poor shame others for not having phones that will allow them to play OW2. Do I need to explain why this is an issue?

But, besides that, I just found out that my phone number is actually invalid for OW2. I can’t explain why, but its just like my number doesn’t count. What do I do? Will I have to get a brand new phone plan just for OW2?

What’s the phone number thing supposed to stop anyway? It looks like I won’t be able to play OW2 after all if something doesn’t change. Well, I’m sure there’s a work around in some way, but I doubt we can discuss it here.


Seems to be the case

Smurfs, hackers, people circumventing bans etc.


Given it just rolled out, I expect some of the issues with certain services are just kinks and (hopefully) will be fixed.

There really does need to be an alternative form of identity verification though.


I really wish this phone thing was just for Competitive

There would still be a lot of frustration but at least you could play the game


I really hope that is the case because this is more a hassle than anything. i have 2 numbers, both don’t work. I am pretty sure my phones have SMS too. Now I hear people with my provider can access their phone but it was implemented years ago.

I hope this gets resolved.


It will fix nothing. Cheaters will always find a way around it and it will just screw the people who don’t have the right kind of phone.


What service are you on? I’m compiling a list.


I guess you are one unlucky ducky. Sorry, I had to. I hope it all works out, bro. It is pretty ridiculous.


:thinking: I would try troubleshooting the reason why your phone doesn’t work… that’s odd. Opening a ticket might help :slight_smile:


It’s supposed to stop you from disengaging from the monetisation systems as a result of having multiple accounts.


I’ve seen a few screenies of tickets coming back with an answer of “we’ll pass your feedback along” :skull:


honestly I saw this earlier too and it’s terrible, don’t do this guys, there’s no need to shame anyone for their circumstances even if you think you understand them, not having a cellphone isn’t something to be ashamed of, even worse is that a lot of people do have phones but they just don’t meet the criteria

contact support and wait until oct 4th or even further, do not buy a new phone, do not change your plan, this feature has to be negotiable at least and I’m pretty sure blizz left out huge chunks of information on their article

tbh not terrible, they could have just said: we’re sorry to hear this but at this time we don’t have an option for you

I work for a marketing agency…


this ^ <20characters>

Ah, helpdesk speak for “I’ll get right on that”.


Cricket Wireless.

You know, I’ve been thinking that calling myself “lucky” is pretty ironic. I rarely get lucky with anything.


Already on the list. But thanks!


Seriously. That’s how TF2 did it!

Overwatch seems to willfully stray away from good game design. I mean, look at 2CP: TF2 lets you opt out of it, but overwatch gutted the whole mode.

That’s less content for us, and while a lot of stupid fans on here celebrated getting less content, it really is bad to have less options. Why not just have a little tick box so that people who want to play 2CP can.

INSTEAD, I’ll have to find 9 more people and see if they want to make a custom game with me. I don’t even know 9 people who plays overwatch; we’d just play Left 4 Dead or Black Ops Zombies instead.


I do find it funny that services like cricket wireless are blocked but the subreddit has discovered the VOIP service Talkatone seems to work. I haven’t tried it personally but saw a few reports of it working


They aren’t stupid for celebrating the removal of content that made their experience worse.

Assuming it’s not in the arcade of course.