Make "Unranked" a gamemode

So I made a forum post before this one illustrating some additions i’d like to see happen, and in it i talked about the addition of “Unranked” gamemode:

2.) My second suggestion is making a new QP mixed with comp settings. I like QP, but i dont like grinding my levels there because you get close to nothing in exp as compared to comp. Making a new QP with the settings of comp, just without the leaving penalty (suspension) and the SR. QP would be what i should be designed to do, playing a quick match and having fun. Its good for practicing a new hero or just to relax. This new gamemode however would be different; it will be more engaging environment for not only the grinding casuals like myself by having similar EXP gains, but it could potential be a solution to the new wait time for new maps/characters for comp. I will use Brigitte as an example. Since she will not be able to play in comp, many people think QP will be a useless environment to see her footing in this game in terms of balance and synergy (and I mainly agree with this) . I feel like with a game mode like this (I’ll refer to as Unranked for now on) you can have a better potential to play to near optimal settings to see her value. Now it will not be perfect, since there will people there to play for fun and goof around, but I feel Unranked could be a good change for this game because it will be a more involving gamemode than QP. I feel like QP is you play and 10 sec later its over; its too quick (pun intended of course :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I will put the whole post up at the end of this one in case anyone wants context on the quote

So this forum i made didnt gain any traction unfortunately, which can happen on the forums, so instead i wanted to talk about one specific part in the post itself: an “Unranked” mode.

I would consider myself a hardcore casual; I play a lot a OW, but am not invested in comp very much, so i stick to QP instead most of the time. QP (to me at least) is an unpredictable, chaotic gamemode. There are times when you will have a good match and a good team, but those matches dont feel rewarding enough for the effort that was placed into it. Games like those have the equivalent of compared to a well balanced comp match, but there isnt an equal reward given for the effort placed in QP compared to comp. Obv SR cant be the reward for QP, so what is the reward I am talking about? EXP. (As pointed out in my original post) I grind this game to get EXP at this point, so that i can achieve my goal to getting to the next border. I dont care about comp or my SR, so i dont play it.

What I do like about comp tho is the rule set it has, where each team takes turns in attacking/defending. It gives the match an edge that isnt present in QP; it creates an opportunity for a comeback. In QP you get on chance to do what you are assigned to do and thats it. If you dont defend/attack all the way to the end thats it, the game is over. And then most of the time at the end, many people leave, so the game reinstances and sends you back to the menu where you get put into a queue again, so you dont get your turn at defending/attacking on that map. With a more involving gamemode like Unranked, it can be the perfect place for people like me who want a more fulfilling match as a casual, and not something that is over in a couple minutes.

The other aspect I believe that Unranked can trump QP in is its relativity to comp. Since it functions similar to Comp, I think it can be a good place to warm up for comp, but also to break in new characters. The recent Dev post said that Brigitte will not be available until Season 10.

I believe this is a good move to make to allow people to properly learn Brigitte and any new maps/hero in the future before playing in a competitive. People have voiced concerns though that QP and Arcade are not valid and reliable places to learn heroes and collect data, and i can agree with that. With a gamemode that resembles comp, but isnt, i feel like this would be a great way to break in new heroes in how they respond to the meta and all the heroes in game. Now there is almost without a doubt there would be trolls in this gamemode as well; there is no way to avoid people like this, so you can only bear with them for a match. It will however provide more quantitative data than QP however. Since casual gamemodes dont have the same qualitative data that comp has, the only way to get the proper data is get as much as you can within similar circumstances (comp rule set).

This gamemode would be like QP in the fact that you can enter and leave whenever you’d like without severe penalties. I would not have, like i mentioned, leaver penalties, ranks and an SR system. Just like in QP, you can play with people not near you in rank/skill level (to prevent long queue times) as well as group up with people like this.

Overall i mainly just want a casual gamemode that is more time investing and rewarding than QP. QP can be fun and great place to try new heroes or warm up, but currently its one of the most frustrating gamemodes to be in (for me at least).

Here is the full forum post that the quote originated from:


It kinda sounded to me like you want another gamemode that is litterally off-season… but tbh, I dont think this is quite a good idea trust me there will be trolls, leavers that just ruins the game, people who just came in midgame and doesnt know wtf is going on , there will be atleast 10 sec of waittime untill another player will come in place for the leaver andwill not know what to play and cant charge their ilts up that fast, people who thinks it’s just another qp, just name it gamemode for serious people who hates compettitive ranks, and then there will be people who isnt as good as the team will be called noob and will ruin the game of grandmasters, and the thing I think is most important, is the fact that there are no suitable rewards, it might be more exp but is that really enough to get people to atleast play at their best? My suggestion would be a mode that reward both exp that is in between qp and comp, and spme gold for skins, because there are no way to farm those right now expet from leveling up and getting anything but the skin you want. So just try off- seasons when season9 ends i think it gives the same exp but doesnt have the sr system involved if that’s what you want

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Bravo bravo bravo clap

This is something I want too. I don’t know why people are so opposed to it. There are 2 types of people in quick play right now.

  1. People who want it to be “just quick play” and pick 5 DPS with at least 2 snipers.
  2. People who want an alternative to comp without the SR pressure but with actual team comps and competitive rules.

I’m in the 2nd category. And I loathe the first category, but mostly because it ruins quick play for me. I’d be down with the memes and 6 dps comps in QP if I had another place to go when I wanted to play the game a little more like how it is designed to be played.

Until then, what are my options?

  1. I could report people in QP who basically throw and exhibit poor teamwork just like as if it was comp. I don’t like that option, but it’s the only one I don’t need a developer to help me with.
  2. I could lobby for a role queue (even in quick play). I wouldn’t mind one in Comp, but QP shouldn’t get this.
  3. I could lobby for unranked.

why do you think having an unranked game mode will be any better than qp ?? the only reason comp isnt as cancerous as qp is due to the penalties of losing SR and bans. take that away and your game mode will become another version of QP …

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itll be better because in QP if you try to get someone to change or anything of that sort. you’re the a–hole in the room. Its apparently wrong to try to make a team comp in QP because “its QP BRUH”

It’ll just change to “it’s unranked brah”.

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But the thing here is, that in competitive unranked you are supposed to work together. In qp as much as i hate getting stonewalled because its just qp, they have a point. so i want a place where giving a damn is required

I think Quickplay ought to be ‘unranked’ so to speak. Sometimes you do get a good game and you want to go up for another round in QP. As it stands, it’d be too punishing for people who’d want just a quick game of attack or defense then leave.

I have bad knews for you, bub. that doesn’t exist

To anyone arguing against this idea. what could the downside be? for you or the community at large. there is no downside to this idea

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Yeah, thats why i want a new mode

I play quick play with the same mindset i would in Comp, but i am pretty much in that. I do believe quick play should stay and truly become a place for not giving any sh*ts. But give me a place where i have the right to ask people to switch, etc.


This is an oxymoron.

I definitely agree. An unranked comp mode is needed, just like they have in HOTS and other games. I mean, it works just fine for other games. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work in Overwatch too.

Bro, it is not. It would have comp rules and you would be expected to play as you would in comp, but theres no punishments or rewards. just a place to practice different comps/working together. there is currently no such place

Personally I just want the comp ruleset (and maybe comp points too) and remove the notion of trying to climb a competitive ladder (SR). I think the comp ruleset alone encourages people to try a little harder because they’re expected to participate in a mirror match, but without that hardcore competitive mindset. If you bring comp points into an unranked mode you remove a lot of the bad players from the real competitive mode who only play for that. It leaves comp for the people who truly want to climb to the top and be #1.

I can only agree with this unranked mod, i am waiting for it for so long…

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Im personally not super interested in climbing, however, I am not trying to drop tiers and play with a bunch of goons. That keeps me out of comp unless I’m playing particularly well that day. But i cant really enjoy QP because no one cares. This game is not fun for me unless its being played the proper way (competitively as a team).

Exactly. You get it.

For me personally I understand that QP is a noncompetitive environment. It’s a place to unwind or even try new heroes. However, I am competitive person, I like to win, who doesnt. Idon’t like competitive climbing though. I simply enjoy playing the game with my friends, trying my best to win, and and being rewared for the effort contributed. I put the same effort in to QP as I do comp. I may not be as serious to the result at the end of it, but my effort is there. I want a gamemode like this to reward my effort I put into the match. What reward? EXP. Comp gets to 2-3 times more experience than QP because it’s more investive and more drawn out. I like the comp rule set, I just don’t like the climbing.

These are my reasons I want it, as I depicted it in more detail in the original post, but I’m sure you all have reasons you want unranked as well.

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