Make The Game 1-1-2-2

And you will fix nothing.

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Actual feedback? Never heard of that. /s

When ever I try to give even slight feedback people just bash their hate on me regardless of what I say. Better just say small word of opinion than something which people get offended in 2020. Cause this is what forums have come to.

But what ever. This your idea which others been flooding the forums with aswell, aint gonna work even if we had enough characters in the game to begin with.
I dont understand why you anti-222’s cant accept that it’s not going away.

No one likes playing main tank


Okay so you ignore my points about how it will literally fix it. Cool.

I mean… I’m not one of those people. I want to have an intelligent conversation about it and actually debate on it.

I’m not anti 2-2-2 it’s literally still 2-2-2 but with main tanks and off tanks split up. Which if you read my pros will actually help a lot with the current state of tanks.

Again read the pros. If they do it and buff orisa sigma like they will have to, then it will be more variety and not just rein. I see people playing sigma winston and ball all the time. They literally just refuse to play rein because he’s boring and been meta for too long.

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No more double shield, YES PLEASE. No more throwing tanks :D?

Something like 1-1-2-2 definitely needs to happen. Role queue has been flawed from the start. It was supposed to guarantee a solid team comp, but it can’t do that without guaranteeing a main tank.

It seems likely to me that they’ll change to 1-3-2 for Overwatch 2, in order to address queue times. That’s why I’m hoping for something like this or this, so that we don’t lose the 2-2-2 playstyle in the process.

Also, I’ve been a staunch advocate of keeping Ball in main tank for a while (because he is a main tank), but I recently reconsidered a bit, because I think everyone would continue to complain about not having a shield. People complain about Ball/Hog now, and that would still be allowed in 1-1-2-2. Ball’s best team comp in OWL was 1-3-2 dive, but his best comp in 2-2-2 has always been with another main tank (usually Orisa, sometimes Winston). So I think most people will be more satisfied if he’s in off tank, and all the main tanks have shields. What do you think?


So instead of waiting for just 2 tanks, we’d have to wait for a main and off tank…
We have enough matchmaking filters as is. The community can’t afford to spread itself even thinner. On top of that, a class of just 3 characters? Wth lol…

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First, I was like “No, wtf!” but I read your argumentation and damn, it would really solve soooo many problems. :o
But I don’t think this will get through as people are already very frustrated about the queue times and anything that could make them even just a slight bit worse will upset the majority of the playerbase a lot (just look at Echo and how there was criticism that Echo was another DPS hero and thus resulted in more DPS players).
Personally, solely because of your argumentation, I would vote for a 1-1-2-2 concept. So: good job!

What the hell indeed. More like what the hell. Tanks only keep playing these 3 heroes in my comp games…

… is that not… still… 2 tanks?

Thank you :smile:

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You’re dividing the current tank players into 2 groups.
Unless you expect the current tank playerbase to be a exact 50/50 split, yes. Queue times will increase.

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Main tanks queues will be really low. Off tank queues honestly wouldn’t be that long seeing that off tanks are still tanks and tank queues as is, are short. You’re taking a short queue and making it shorter across two groups. Also my idea is that if they balance out the main tanks more to actually be able to main tank then more people would play it knowing rein isn’t the only viable option.

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Sure. But I want the other two roles to get filtered. No double sniper, no double off healer.

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What makes him a main tank in your opinion?

Blissfully ignorant on whether there’s more off or main tank players.

i don’t like wrecking ball as a maintank, he doesn’t face tank for you and just rolls around in the backline, him paired with rein isn’t bad

What? I KNOW there’s more off tank players. I’m saying if there’s less main tank players the queues for it will be seconds long. And the off tank queues STILL won’t be anymore than 2 minutes.

yeah and they could buff maintanks up if there was no double shield. So more people would play them.

Exactly. It will drive away from Rein Zarya and actually bring viability to all the other main tanks.

So you can play something other than rein zarya and not be at an automatic disadvantage.

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No, they would have a increase. Since the off tank would wait for a main tank. There’s more off tanks. I find the main tanks BORING, or have issues with a mechanic I never liked. Ball’s cable and its physics is crap. Winston’s shield falls straight down. Ignoring all forward momentum.

Well ball would be more off tank let’s be honest. And the winston shield thing could just be a part of the buffs that all the other main tanks would receive to actually compete with rein and be viable.