Make the bomb hackable


sorry, I have just been through hell(all the toxic threads) and I just thought that you were another player who cant do anything, so they whine on the forums. nice to know that you arent one


Everything should be hackable even the payload.


that’s too much lmao haha


Hack now slows or speeds up the payload by 10%. I’d take it.


Now that is an interesting idea, but if it only lasts the standard 6 seconds I don’t know that it will really have much impact.


If hacking stops the explosion it would make the ultimate pointless.

If it is hackable it should only prevent D.Va from getting a new Meka after the bomb.


if you think about it that’s a really fun idea but… you wouldn’t like playing against something like that haha


It is the easiest ult to avoid and it can be triggered only from mech form. Why do you want to make it even more useless?


Not all are hackable, transforms for instance are not.


in terms of realism? (yes i know it doesnt really apply but shutup) its because you kinda cant stop a fusion reaction, once it goes, its going until it cant go no more


i already said that lol


Can D.VA mains get like, a chance to breathe?


Good for you, now we both said it.


haha it’s just a dumb idea, don’t hate on meee


As a Sombra main I like this idea in theory, but I think we already have a fair amount of counterplay against D.Va’s bomb:

  • Hacking her before she can arm it
  • Hacking baby D.Va post-bomb so she can’t remech

Adding in a third way to disable it might be a bit much.


Isn’t it one of Sombra’s main responsabilites to make sure she’s ALWAYS hacked?


if you have a sh*tty team there’s not much to do, but yes, i agree


Dva ult should be able to be booped by Lucio, Halt, Rochet Punch, Wholehog…


yes yes yes, agree :slight_smile:


I commited the noob mistake of wholehogging it once…