Make the bomb hackable


the title says it all. i mean… c’mon

almost every single ult is hackable (except for some that are not dangerous at all) why can’t we hack that annoying ult? the world would be a better place ya know, what do you think? and yes. i’m aware this post is going to get some mains salty but idc, i’m ready to fight them (jk, let’s talk like civilized beings)


Well in that case Junkrat’s tire should be hackable (I know it’s destructible but this is about hack)


Neat idea!! I like it! :blush:


i actually agree hehe


Interesting idea, but maybe it’d be too strong? Idk

Maybe EMP only?

Well, i guess a lot of ultimates can already be countered by normal abilities, so maybe there’s no problem…

I’d like to see that being tested




Why? Its already not that good. Go hide behind a barrier, wall, car, bench, or zarya bubble and see for yourself

#9 bomb has a long delay, it’s the most easily avoidable ult in the game so it doesn’t need any more counters.


Who needs hack to stop a d va. Bomb when you can block by hiding behind a pole.


Or you can just hack before she ults.


Heyyyy look the OP’s idea is already in the game.


lmao it’s not like we have some type of magic to know when she’s going to ult


Look i try to defend Sombra when it comes to ppl ranting about hack being too OP.


D.Va ults are pretty predictable when you know what to look for.

If you see them backing up, playing passively and looking up, etc. Look for the signs. They’re obvious.


It’s called gamesence. I sure hope you have it if you’re high on the ladder or want to be.


agree. but that’s not the case half of the time, i’ve hack some d.vas before ulting but still


The 3 second delay makes’s ult the most easily avoidable. If you’re going to make it hackable then should be able to set off the bomb any time she chooses.

I main Sombra and I’m sure I’d be able to hack bomb most of the time if I’m in range.


lol ok so you don’t agree, i get it. it’s just an idea btw


if you die to a dva bomb, thats on you


i know how to avoid them but like i said, just an idea, i don’t think it’ll happen so chill