Make OW 7 Per Team (2-3-2 Composition)

Hear me out! After yesterday’s talks of a 1-3-2 composition it got me thinking. 1 tank would create a system where the game is balanced around the tanks and every composition hinges on it.

What if the amount of teammates was expanded from a 6 v 6 to a 7 v 7. This would allow for a 3rd DPS to be picked, decreasing queue times, and keeping the tank and support at 2 each.

The maps should be snake to handle 14 people instead of 12 and this shouldn’t drastically change the overall game too much.

Jeff responded later in that thread saying reworking it to fewer team members would be much more practical than more; essentially, the infrastructure of the game itself can’t handle more than 12 players and changing it so that it can handle more would take an astronomical amount of development resources


Interesting thank you both for the Information