[Main Thread] - Unexpected server error

After reading that I just tried my alt account, got in just fine…

Same error here, trying to log into Eu region and it keeps kicking me out, tried to restart everything and still nothing

Still not fixed. I wonder how long it will take them to fix it. Maybe if support can give us a rough time?

Since support is looking into the issue, they might not have a time. We just have to be patient and wait.

Forcing me to sleep :frowning:

Hey y’all,

We’re aware of issues causing “Unexpected Server Errors” for some games right now. Our server squad is on it. Thanks for reaching out to let us know, and sorry it’s getting in the way of your games.

Note that any time you have this error we recommend against queuing for any game type that may get your account penalized. Typically I’d recommend custom games for anybody who can get in. Once I hear back that things are fixed and you have the all clear, we’ll post and release you back on the quick play/competitive queues.

Please note that we don’t reimburse for penalties for situations like this because the system is designed to account for these rare issues and let you keep climbing as long as there’s no egregious abuse of leaving. More info at the thread below.


Thank you good sir/Ma’am

What about the sr I lost from the disconnect? :frowning:

Interesting… I can log in with my alt account as well, but not both. Could this be an “multiple accounts from a single IP address” kind of issue?

What’s current status on this issue? I’m in NA and having the same issue.

I only have one account and can’t get in

Same error - can’t log in (NA)

I’m really glad it wasn’t just me. Haha, I tried to repair it and restart and nothing works. Hope this issue gets resolved soon.

Same issue here im NA

I’m having the same issue in the EU. Buddy of mine has no problem, I can’t even log in, just get “Unexpected Server Error Occurred” when I try to start the game.

Same here - Unexpected server error :expressionless:

Ditto. Was gonna bum around in customs today. Hope this gets resolved soon.

Same error here - “Unexpected Server Error Occurred”

I tried to repair / reinstall. No luck. Says there is an Update available now, but it continually fails.

It was fine moments ago until it comes with that unexpected server error.