[Main Thread] Error purchasing Premium Battle Pass

Same thing happened to me. Really hope they fix this soon.

i bought the pass after i bought 2200 coins and it appear that i got it but when i saw the pass it stills says that i needed to upgrade to premium.
They stole my coins
(ive been waiting for 1 hour and still nothing)

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I bought the premium pass, but alas like many others in this thread I received no rewards. Had I known this was an issue, I wouldn’t have bought it at all. Guess that’s what I get for not doing research beforehand, I sincerely hope this gets a fix! If needed, I do have confirmation of my purchase.

Same here. Purchased an emote and two highlight intros and it took my coins but still says I need to unlock the items. Took the coins, no items.

Same situation here, I bought coins and the premium battle pass, and even still have those purchases in my account’s transaction history, yet I don’t have the content in game.

its happening the same to me, i just purchase 1000 coins then the battle pass and still block and my coins are gone :confused:

Same here, i just purchase 1000 coins then the battle pass and still block and my coins are gone too

Posted on bug forums.

Do not purchase anything until this is fixed!

What about the items we bought and haven’t received. Will we still get them most likely?

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No idea - I would ask for a full refund if you purchased something and already owned it.

I’m having the same problem.

I successfully purchased 1,000 tokens and purchased the battle pass with a confirmation screen saying how I now owned it. Once the screen appeared I wanted to check out the items I had unlocked already through playing without a battle pass and to my dismay, once I came back to the battle pass screen all premium ranks that I already progressed to were locked once more and my battle pass was removed and I was told to pay for it once more.

Any sort of acknowledgement by the team would be nice as I’d like the battle pass or my 10 dollars back.

Before the servers went down, I bought my 1000 coins. I used them on the battle pass and didn’t get any of the rewards I should already have unlocked other than Kiriko. I was able to play her in quick play which was nice but I wasn’t receiving any of me battle pass tier rewards. I’m hoping for either a refund or for my battle pass to function properly, thank you.

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Just happened to me to tried to buy coins for battle pass and they took the money but I got nothing no battle pass or coins😂

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Same thing happened to me and my husband last night. We both purchased the Premium Battle Pass and neither of us were able to access any of the rewards, even the instant unlocks. I would like a refund, but I doubt Blizzard would even grant it. We also purchased skins with our legacy credits and can’t even equip the skins. Pretty ridiculous.

Trying to purchase battlepass, getting purchased failed.

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So how long is it gonna take for people to get what they payed for? It’s been 10 days now since the release… Is it gonna take months?

Same here. Are you trying with iDeal payment method?

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