[Main Thread] Console LC-208

Keep us posted be interested to see

It took less than 10 hours for Xbox to approve my refund. Watchpoint pack was purchased by me back in June so I’m thankful Xbox did it anyways.

Hopefully I’ll get to play in the future but for now I’m saying bye. Good luck all! Hope your LC-208 errors go away


almost 2 weeks now… i hate them


My sons are on day 12 of LC-208 and can’t play OW2 with me and the refuse to acknowledge that and address so I can play with my sons! Not only that but they are going on 2 weeks of premium currency lost due to this error, and the only sorry they post they’re going to give is a free skin and charm no one really wants and 2x Battlepass XP weekends which EVERYONE who has a battlepass already GIVES, WE NEED ANSWER BLIZZ… how can I not play with MY FAMILY?

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Day… uh… lost count honestly. Every day I’ll do a few attempts and always get LC-208’d on PS5. Randomly today decided to download it on my PC and see what happens. Get put into an infinite log in loop where I’ll log in, it’ll tell me it’s connecting and then entering me into a game, and than ask me to log in again. No errors, no crashes just… forever logging in.

If I had one criticism of the game so far, I’d say it’s that the music is so quite when trying to log in. It’s they could turn it up a little bit maybe. I think that would help fend off the nihilistic dread that, while all my friends are playing OW2, I can’t, and I know when I can finally get logged in, they will have moved on to other games and I’ll once again be stuck playing a game solo.


This is in response to my ticket

Your ticket has received the following response:


Thank you for contacting us about the error “LC-208” in Overwatch 2.

We are aware of an issue where some players are facing this error, especially on console. Our teams are working relentlessly to resolve this, and we have already deployed multiple fixes.

Rest assured this is one of our top priorities, and we hope to have more news to share soon on our forums below:

well i hope they’ll fix it soon…

Exact same thing has been happening to me. I was able to play on launch day on PS5 but now I’ve been getting LC-208 on PS5 and the login loop on PC :frowning:

I’m trying to get a refund on the Watchpoint Pack but MS are saying it’s been too long since I ordered it to process a self-serve digital refund.

That’s because I’ve been waiting for Blizzard to sort this ****ing issue!!

So now I’m having to try and get hold of an actual human being who can understand the context of the refund request. This whole experience has been absolute **** and has really soured the game for me.

That’s gotta be cap, coming from them.

Yeah, I got the same response :confused: Word for word. I wish I could rest assured that it’s a priority of theirs, but my pessimism wins out. My hope is for a maintenance tomorrow that gets all of us in with our old skins and what not. Unfortunately, I doubt it. Then, of course, the further it gets from launch the more likely they don’t address it. We just have to accept that OW2 is a gym for the jocks and we’re just a bunch of fat kids :joy:

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I have no doubt they’re working hard to try and fix it. I just also have no faith that they’re close to a fix yet.


So the reason I got the lc-208 was cause when I chose to merge I thought I screwed up by merging my old ps4 account to my Xbox one ow account then I disconnected my ps4 account in the blizzard website. For a week I wondered why I kept getting 208 but today I reconnected my newest non active ps4 accoun(t “connections tab on blizzard website) restarted my Xbox and now I’m online after 9 days! Wow! Everything I had on ow1 that wasn’t there last Saturday is now there! I would’ve been able to play all week if I just connected my ps4 account on the website connections —…— wow

Could you elaborate step by step what you did to fix your LC-208 because I’m starting to think I did something similar in terms of merging accounts…

Update I think it’s gone. Idk but logging in on the Xbox here must of triggered something with my account.

i still have the error omg it’s so annoying idk what to do anymore

I don’t think there’s anything we can do other than wait and take comfort in the fact there are others with this issue so it’s not isolated to just our own accounts.


Well it’s not! This is absolutely terrible service… you guys have a 24/7 chat that is useless… you are are absolutely terrible. The joy that’s being taken away and the lack of attention to fix it is most telling. Do your job and fix this issue. It’s not us that caused it… it’s you! This should definitely be priority and have around the clock updates… No body wants to feel forgotten about and that’s how everyone feels… 9 days later and no update!!! Ridiculous!

omggg i can finally log in !!!

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No meme? You’re in? Gives me hope. :saluting_face: