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didn’t worked for me, gotta go the old ways, copying the hotfix from a friend…


I know this may be a odd claim since everyones getting abandoment marks on their adjustments. However, ive noticed that after I adjust my rank gets this artifical inflation.

Examples of this :
Diamond 3 - Won 5 / Lost 6 [2 abandon marks] this adjusted to Diamond 1

Diamond 1 - Won 5 / Lost 2 [0 abandonment marks] i was adjusted back to Diamond 3

Next after a few games I went back to diamond 1 but my games in diamond 1 were 5 Won / 6 Lost [2 abandonment marks] and it adjusted to masters 4?

So like the consistency seems to not be there the inflation to diamond 1 from the inital 2 marks was really odd, but after 3 adjustments diamond 1 with all my losses AND abandonment marks went to masters 4?

The Applying update glitch has gotten me a 20 hour suspension now for something that i cant control. its insane how this hasn’t been fixed yet. Please fix this it seriously makes me consider stop playing the game all together and it has ruined many days for me.

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I rarely leave a match, I tried to play 4 days ago and when queing for match it would freeze on aapplying update screen to where I had to close the game. Leaver penalty 15mins. Ok I dont want to play anymore so I logged off. Fast forward to today, same exact thing happens and now its 59mins. WTF is going on, Im getting leaver banned for NO REASON.

Edit: there was no “rejoin match option” either so Im just stuck being banned. Sooo frustrating.

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Tried to go into practice matches before or even customs online to make sure I could get past and then i go into competitive and it still happens. Now i can’t play for the WHOLE SEASON because of an issue with their servers? How is this a thing? why am I punished for wanting to play?

Regarding the issue that the team mentioned here

about this point

“NEW - We are investigating an issue where Tuesday’s Hot Fix update is not properly applying for some players. At this time we do not have an ETA on resolving the issue.”

This happened to me everytime (and I mean every single time) there is a hotfix, small sudden patch, new season, new shop item or any event. Devs already know the problem “…Hot Fix update is not properly APPLYING for some players …”, it is missing and somehow didn’t get downloaded even though I did all recommended steps like Scan and repair, check for update, reinstalling the game, deleting blizzard entertainment folder, etc never worked for me. BUT there is two, (possible solution and what works for me)

  1. this guy named Berethor managed to redownload the missing hotfix file by deleting recent hotfix folder Error applying update (didn’t work for me)
  2. by copying the hotfix file from my friend who got his OW2 working. Not all of us play with a friend / not always available (kinda weird to ask a favor pls send me your hotfix every new patch while maybe they don’t play OW2 that moment.)

(if you can’t find it type in Windows Search %localappdata%)
AppData\Local\Blizzard Entertainment\Overwatch\
then find the recent modified folder

111774 per 2nd May '23. Hotfix Folder inside, there should be at least 1 (num & letter) file.
In S4 Day 1 (111387) file it is b6c17bf9… and so on (cross checking measures)

The solution I suggest, create a specific link/post in the battle.net launcher or section in Patch Note page for the latest Hotfix file for anyone to download. I’m asking this because how can I open community forum post specifically sharing hotfix file for OW2 while having this problem everytime.

yes I can ask my friend everytime patch come out. But its a hassle to do when a season is packed with balance patch and the devs know this has is common occurences for a while for a number of people.

On that note,if the people that follow Berethor or my solution but still get the “Applying update” problems, I guess you or someone else has to figured it out for you. Thank you.

fix game, or remove my suspension? Why is this happening for a week now.

I never leave games early and this is BS

I get that Sht happens but wtf . I never leave game early and 3x over the last week it hit me with a ban so its 8hrs now. Guess Im not playing OW2, through NO fault of my own. You really should reverse this, because its on your end and not mine.

Im one of the countless people having this problem i find a game and im about to join a comp game and then it says “applying update” and nothing happens i have to shut down the game because its stuck on that screen which costs me SR and im banned for 14 mins from comp

Hi, so i have a problem that when i join a Comp there might bean “Applying update” thing (i play on PC). And it just goes on and on for some reason so i have nothing to do but abandon (i’m hard stuck bronze 5 and this situation isn’t helping at all. Idk how to prevent it either. :frowning:

Just got another suspension this session because of the applying update bug. When are they going to fix this?


I am banned for Season 4 now because i forgot to use their “workaround”. What a huge disappointment. Never seen something like this in 25 years of gaming.

I got the Applying Update Bug 4 days in a row each one giving me a worse ban then previously I am now banned from ranked for the rest of season 4. Please do something!

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3 times has happened where the game wont let me join showing a screen of “applying update” and then penalizing me for not letting me join. So far i have only experienced it while joining competitive


I’ve gotten this several times in QP…so it isn’t just competitive.

Only has happened since the last update.

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Current workaround is to load into Training first, make sure you have entered the training area, then leave and try queuing for QP to see it is fixed. Then try comp if you’ve confirmed its fixed.

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I have this same problem too

Same problem here. It’s happened twice so far. April 28th and May 4th (today). It would be nice if Blizzard would acknowledge it officially instead of ignoring all of the forum posts.

This has happened to me when I join Competitive. I’m now at a 1 Hr. penalty and I am not offered a chance to rejoin matches.

it’s been an issue for weeks now and seems to be a feature more than a bug at this point given how they seemingly couldn’t care less about it