[Main Thread] Account information missing

You need to complete the queue that is with numbers, the queue that telling you how many people is ahead of you

Third update to give some perspective on my experience.

Day1: was prompted to merge after finally getting in and do the QR code thing. Did all that. Get in but blanked account. Clicking merge account made a sound but no action. Still played a few games.

Day2: played 15 games or so and account merge option disappeared. Logged out and back in again on recommendation from forum post but no change other than new title screen. Started another game and was prompted to OK migration. Did so and it says to relog yet again. Did so and was put in migration queue at 150k. Went to bed.

Day3: logged in. Check migration queue and its blank and says to relog. Do so. Now migration queue says i am 250k and i have lost even the progress I made yesterday, (back to lvl 1 with nothing unlocked).

Keep in mind, logging in takes 30 minutes or more depending on how many server errors i get as the login queue takes forever.


Anybody got any experience with the account being merged yet the account is wiped?


My whole account got wiped even after i linked my xbox account to my battle net. Im also unable to select the account merge option on the home screen. Ive been playing the game for years and it would be sad to see all my time go to waste like this. Blizzard please fix this.


Same here played the game 5-6 years and yet this used to get messages because I was gold border yet I’d rather have the messages compared to having nothing at all…

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You will want to read the whole Update thread - but the key part to take away is you have not actually lost anything.

Problems with Account Merge (Missing Player Items/Data)

Tl;dr: You have not lost any items or progress, though some players are logging in and seeing some/all elements missing from their collection.

In all cases, no player data has been wiped or lost. We have a client-side fix for this that cannot be deployed until next week, so we are exploring server-side fixes and will provide updates as more information becomes available.

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Gotta love a company that takes a working game then gives us a game riddled with tons of bug and blank accounts.

P.S. My account is also blank and I now I have to wait weeks what a joke screw this game


same overwatch was one of my first game on my xbox one and when i loaded on pc and i saw nothing then on xbox i saw everything was wiped i didnt know what to do and still right now my merge account doesnt work


Me too :sob: 1234 h in game

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I’m in 240/250000 in the migration queue too, it jumped to 200000 once and then back to 240


Nah for real, I have spent too much on OW1 skins and stuff for it to just show my PC stats on my ps4 I was hoping to just bring all my gold guns over but whatever.

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I swear, it wasn’t enough for Blizzard to abuse their female workers, now they gotta screw us players too


how do i get in the migration queue ?

If I began leveling a battle pass would it effect my account once every is transferred over?

I really just want to start playing through the reworked characters while I wait. Does anyone have ANY knowledge of if playing on the “wiped” or “new user” account will affect anything???

How come when I select “Account Merge” in the main menu nothing happens? All I get is a sound effect.

I submitted a support ticket last night and still haven’t received a reply.

I am missing almost everything from OW1 except the Origins Edition skins and Pink Mercy. All heroes are unlocked too.


That’s what I would like to know.

I read an article that said they had played on their “fresh account” and when they finally got access to their account every was as they left it settings wise in overwatch 1 and had gain access to all their original cosmetics. I have also decide to start playing on the “fresh account” is I can’t wait any longer

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Have you got a link to this article? I’m still very skeptical

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I have played five matches and nothing has happened. Got to level two in the battle pass. Still missing my stuff.