Lw changes are here

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes - June 13, 2023:

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im curious if those will be enough to bring him in line with the other lower tier supports at the very least. or if he will get a more substantial rework sometime later.

they also fixed annoying bugs

Boo, no reduction on his charge time. I’d want that over any healing buff.


This is not a major buff, this is just what-should-have-been changes.

Honestly i’d take healing buff over charge time reduction. Less holding the LMB that make my finger hurts after awhile.


One thing that isn’t clear from the patchnotes though… does it mean that the healing ramps up quicker as well, or just that the max charge has been increased, but he has to charge it a bit longer to get to that max.
I hope it’s same time to charge it up completely, as otherwise, it’s kinda pointless.

charge time should be the same, so the small heals will now be 5-10 more health, so instead of tossing 15’s, they should be 25’s now

numbers are made up, but you get it

If there’s a battle at all, LW is just gonna be heal botting the entire time. Having to charge up his healing and hold it pretty much prevents him from contributing any offensive during a team fight, so nothing here really fixes his main gameplay problems.

Even Mercy can swap between her pistol and her healing if she finds an opening without risking anything.

hold it? what LW is holding heals?

your not holdin 65’s for 10’s of seconds are you?

It takes a full second to charge it. If you’re not charging up your second one after throwing your first, you lose HP/s. Even if everyone is full, they’ll take damage within that second.

Every other healer can do damage in that time. LW has to charge up his next heal.

You can’t balance a bad design. It’s like adding spices to a plate of mud in an attempt to make it a meal.

Here’s what this will accomplish: LW is going to be a lot more obnoxious to play against, because his continuous pulling and healing of his tank is going to result in 2 minute team fights leading to player fatigue. He’s also going to become more obnoxious to play with, because the frequency of bad pulls is going to increase. Statistically, he may look better on paper but he’ll feel worse for everyone but LW players.


I haven’t actually tried him yet but I don’t think any number tweaks is really gonna fix him. His problem to me lies in his unsatisfying healing (despite his HPS being insane), non-existent damage, clunky kit and useless Shift ability.


Sweet. Life Grip is now even more annoying for both teams.


I miss longer team fights, that probably why i love OW1 much more then OW2

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Where did you get that idea? Ana is like 90 hp/s. Baptiste is 75 hp/s in an AOE. And they both have alternate burst heals that more than double the value.

Lifeweaver currently does 50hps. To a single target. This buff moves him to like… 60hps?

He will still be unplayable and by far the worst support

None of these changes fix why he was bad. They just make him slightly better at the things he was already good at (which wasnt much, mostly healbotting) and ignore his core design issues.

In fact a few of these changes just make him objectively worse to play as and with. Now as a teammate you will get pulled just because you were missing 50hp and he needed to heal you

My full thoughts here

No, LW currently does 46.5HPS. And his healing isn’t meaningful. Which is even worse.

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. . . I don’t see much of this fixing Lifeweaver’s problems.

Why not remove the petal ornaments from Lifeweaver’s hitbox entirely? Then you don’t have to compromise the clearly relevant design choice that is their size and prominence from his character?

Why increase the maximum healing of his blossom? That’s just… not a significant change, even if he heals slightly more? Lifeweaver’s healing on average was fine - great, even - he just struggled in intense situations. The minimum heal is too low to get value when spammed, the maximum value isn’t worth a complete charge.

The Thorn Volley changes show no understanding as to why it isn’t effective. The reload nerf makes using Thorn Volley incredibly clunky (and was a nerf for a control scheme. What kind of philosophy is that??), and it still won’t be accurate at longer ranges LW wants to play in - all he does with it is needless spam.

The Petal Platform changes feel… random? I never felt like I was struggling with either of those elements to the ability. The Life Grip heal is nice, and the cooldown reduction is perhaps the most significant change here, but it won’t change the impossible mental gymnastics Lifeweaver and his team need to get any meaningful value out of his kit.

Also, they did next to nothing to improve his self-sustain? Rejuvenating Dash is almost a non-ability when LW needs it to be and Petal Platform will still be a bit of a mess to self-peel with half the time.

I dunno. It doesn’t feel like the developers have an understanding of the character. I think his inability to be viable will always be Lucio’s fault and not his, but these changes don’t get him any further towards being literally anything.

that’s what we need! a nerf to tree. that ult is so busted. best ult in the support lineup by far.


Fair enough. We all have our own preferences. :+1: