Lucio OWL white and gray skins

Select watch parties: 50 League Tokens, a set of home and away Overwatch League Lúcio skins, a Lúcio emote, and a full set of Overwatch League team mascot sprays

What is meant with “select watch parties”?


What’s a watch party?

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I’d like to hear more about those ‘sweet’ team Remix skins celebrating all of the tournament winners dropping later this year

It’s probably the same Lucio emote that was there before.

Live stream events happening at different locations around the world.

Watch parties are organized on-site events in select teams’ home cities where fans can watch the game together. Check the social channels or official website of your local or favorite Overwatch League team to see if they are running a watch party in their city.


It doesn’t say how many hours we need to watch to get the skins I think. Is it 2 or 4, similar to the previous ones?

It was 5 hours of watch time for both Winston’s skins during Kickoff Clash and Widowmaker’s skins during Midseason Madness, so it’s likely 5 hours again.

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I always wondered what was a Watch Party. Now this explains what it is. If only I lived in one of my faved team areas. (Seoul, Toronto, LA, Houston, NY, Guangzhou r currently my faved teams. LA being Glads, not Valiant.)

How do you all address the problem of paywall new heroes? we need instant access to all new heroes. NO PASS / GRIND!


Does this mean the average player CANNOT get the skins? Ive been waiting for these for so long thats going to be really dissapointing if so. Please get back to me

TL;DR - The only new cosmetic is the Lucio OWL skins, and that can be earned through any means of viewing.

You’ll want to read through the blog post Craig linked in his first reply on this topic for the differences in rewards for watching at live vs watch party vs viewing from home with a linked account.

Average viewers will still be able to unlock the Lucio OWL skins this weekend by watching 5 hours of the broadcasts this tournament.

The Lucio emote, while not specified, is likely the “Dance Party” emote, which is a 200 or 300 token value, but attainable by anyone, even if they don’t attend a watch party.

The “full set of Overwatch League team mascot sprays” was already available to viewers who watched 2 hours of Midseason Madness.

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So it is 5 hours, thats what I mainly wanted to hear, but you and a few others said it so I’ll trust it, thank you

In 40 more minutes I should have the Lucio skins. I will report back. Tokens have been working.

It confirms the sprays for in-person viewers, but is there any chance the mascot sprays came back for home viewers, too? I lost my chance at them during the Midseason Madness tourney and would love if they made a return.

Here to confirm I already received the Lucio OWL skins after just over 5 hours of viewership.

The site makes it pretty clear that the sprays will be available for the live event and watch parties, but not for home viewership for this tournament. They could possibly add them back for the Countdown Cup Play-Ins or Playoffs/Grand Finals, but they were initially locked specifically for live event/watch party viewership.

The Midseason Madness home viewership for the sprays was likely a compromise when they could not have a live event for those broadcasts. If there’s no way to have live events/watch parties for the next tournaments, then there’s a likelihood that the sprays will be available again for home viewership.

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Thanks, mate! This is an awesome and completely understandable/logical reasoning for what they’re doing. I’ll hold out hope for the last tourney.

I got my Lucio as well but I think the tokens are missing? Did you guys get your tokens?

I don’t have the Lucio skin even though I’m pretty sure I had the stream on in total for at least 5 hours. I had to leave to drive home in between but it was at the most a 35 minute gap in a nearly 8 hour stream. Also didn’t get any tokens at all either.

We’ll see what happens when they fix it.

I got 35 tokens yesterday from having the stream up from 1:50 PM EST (work caused me to be a bit late due to a meeting) until around 9 PM EST. And I have already gotten another 5 this AM from APAC.

Lots of tokens this weekend. 6 AM APAC on Friday, Saturday, Sunday followed by West + East Encores at 11 AM EST. That’s a LOT of hours. Those West + East Encores are likely all to be 8+ hour streams.