Lucio buff is huge


yea… a way to keep the game fresh probably.

i played a ton of lucio in season1 and 2. hes still my most played hero in competitive.
i didnt stop playing him because of wallride


Yo, he can wall ride easier? And no more ammo cost to Boop?

The Year of the Frog is upon all you mortals.


Maybe the new Lucio space program is upon us? O: He can orbit players in rooms THE TIME FOR SATELLITE IS BACK haha


I don’t hold jump
I was using scroll wheel and it pulled my to the side and got rid of my momentum


The Boop buff is so insane, not having to animation cancel the last projectile in order to have 1 ammo in your clip before reloading gives him so much more aggressivity and survivability - being able to freely knock targets up into the air to line up shots while getting four more ammo per clip is down right insane.



People wanted supports to take skill too and he was one of the last ones to require it. Now he’ll go right there with Mercy, Moira and Brigitte. Wonder what they have in mind for Ana and Zenyatta…


But wait, there’s more! The new map has lots of boopoffable places, like bridges.


He still takes skill though? Its just that his wallriding is now more refined, sometimes if you hit a weirdly textured wall it would just stop the momentum entirely even if you curved it on the edges.


“Oh, there’s no stopping me now!!!”


But now rollouts are basically limited to flat walls
because on corners you get pulled


Have you tried it yet? There’s a big difference in fixing something like wallride canceling on a wall it shouldn’t vs just hold a button to skate everywhere like glued. It’s like saying Symmetra needs aiming.


I have tried it, and he is right


Where are the patch notes? So much stuff happened and I want to see it all



Please explain how this is trolling. I stated my opinion and had decent points to bring up. I read the “Code of Conduct” and no where did I not abide my forum rules involving “trolling” as you put it.

It seems like your abusing you’re power Forum moderator.


Hope you got good aim cuz he’s not coming down otherwise.


I can finally get the floor is lava achievement.



Please make it an option where you can turn off this new wallride stuff, it makes it harder to actually wallride


am lucio main and i think this is retarded