LS-423 error after queue

I got disconnected from the game and then I had a small queue of about 40 people. After the queue I then had an error that said, “Time out communicating with services. (LS-423)”. I don’t know what this means as there is nothing on Google about it.

I started the queue again and how I am 300 in the queue.

What is LS-423??


me too. This game sucks servers on fire again


Did anyone for else get this?


I’m also getting this error code after going through the queue. Nothing on google.

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i am now getting this error after the recent maintenance.


Has anyone figured out how to get past this yet?

Im getting same code after maintenance as well

I’m getting this error code. They finally fixed the game yesterday and now it’s broken again.

i cant even get in one game


Finally was able to play the last 2 days and now it’s doing this, I work all day, all I wanna do is come home and be able to play overwatch 2 and the worst part is there is virtually 0 info on this error


I’m also having this issue, game was completely fine before maintenance.

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i got in however all my heroes are locked. i am far from being a new player.


Same with me. I just got in and everything is locked for me.

did you buy watchpoint pack? they said they found a fix and planned to implement during maintenance yet my rewards were not there

Yeah they failed to give me my pack, I thought todays maintenance was to fix that but it made more problems

I just got disconnected from the whole game so maybe they realized they have some more work to do.

same, i closed app and tried to log back in only to get non stop errors

Got this error code, but managed to log in after few tried. But after a game, got kick out said sent to many request to the server.
Seem like the server is even worst then before maintenance

Im still getting this. Same thing with being in queue and having to restart again back at the end of the line. Same code LS-423. I was playing matches earlier and yesterday with no problems and fast connections to matches.


Same here. I just want to play overwatch 2with my friends.

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