LS-423 error after queue

I keep getting the same thing

Currently 300 players ahead of you…. And I wait then it’s my turn to get into a lobby then bam hit with this error code and then I start all over it started with only 40 people ahead of me. I’ve been trying for the last hour and have yet to play a single match….

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Had the 208 for two days. Played yesterday, now I’ve got the 423. Very frustrating. Here’s hoping they gift us some XP or credits for the lost playtime.

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I got disconnected 30 minutes ago, now there’s a queue time and everytime it hit 0 I got this error. I try like 10 times to relog with no luck.

I’ve been trying to connect for over an hour, and keep giving me this damn error. Why would you release a game that can’t be played?

I was playing competitive went to get food now i get this error ive logging in fine for the past 3 days :triumph:

Getting the same error too… bougth the battle pass, played 2 games and then can’t log back in

Looks like the servers are broken again from the live maintenance. It’s still in progress, so hopefully this amazing gift which Blizzard have given us, fondly known as LS-423 and loved by all, will hurry along on its merry way once the maintenance is complete. However… this is Blizzard, so it’s more likely they will break something else. Exciting times.

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Yea I was fine the last two days and I try logging in after school and can’t get in it done it like 4 times wth

Guess its not just me then,
So annoying waiting in the queue just to get put back in one!
Does anyone know how to fix this yet or do we have to just keep trying?

Same issue here unfortunately

Just got in… so looks like it’s maintenance related.

I‘m also in the queue but i‘m trying since 10 minutes and it repeat again, im logging off for today hopefully tomorow it works

I also just got in it took like 20 different times

My last attempt worked, i‘m in

Finally it worked and I’m in

I am im @ 5:16 MT. I thought this is when servers may come back online. That is what happened last time. They posted their maitainence would be 3to4 PT but it was off like today, the first time around.