Lowering Input Lag

Just completely reformatted my PC and installed everything fresh, now my settings are all messed up after years of fine tuning.

So here’s my question.

Using all settings available to me, how can I lower my input lag as low as I can get it?

Game settings, Nvidia settings, anything else that might be beneficial?

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Be with you in a sec, compiling a list.

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It’s quite simple really. The higher the framerate, the lower the input latency. 100fps makes a 10ms max latency, 200fps max 5.

If you are able to consistently run at your fps limit, never dropping below it due to gpu bottlenecks, you can’t do much better. If not, lockstepping the gpu with the cpu will lower the avg latency. This is what “reduce buffering” does.

Higher FPS does not translate to lower input lag. Input lag comes from your monitors input lag, usually it’s 5ms and your mouse, usually it’s 1ms to 5ms. Very little software options will affect it if you’re getting 60+ FPS

Completed list of how to reduce input lag here:

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Thats not correct and its not that cut and dry. The part that is correct is that a monitor does add to your input lag because the slower the monitor paints the screen, the slower you see your actions happening.

Keyboards and mice have difference levels of input lag and mice you’ll commonly hear about it via the polling rate. Normally most mid range/ high end monitors, mice and keyboards will not give you enough input lag to worry about. Most of your lag will come from the PC’s performance and software setup. Higher FPS will reduce input lag, even when your monitor is locked at 60Hz. The biggest killer for input lag however is v-sync and triple buffering. Make sure these are off and in overwatch turn of reduced buffering since this option reduced frames buffered and thus reduces input even further. G-sync and free sync will add input but the benefits out weigh the small amount of lag you get in most cases if used correctly. For more info look into a bunch of battle non sense’s video, example here LINK