Low FPS/Game Unplayable

For the last few weeks, I have been experiencing terrible lag. Before, I was able to hold steady at 60fps, though as of lately, I’ve only managed anywhere between 1-15 fps, and makes the game unplayable. I am constantly getting game leaving punishments because I’m never able to load in quick enough. All my drivers are up to date, and my settings are at the lowest they can be at. I play on a Windows 11 HP Laptop; any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you check the known issues thread in the forum?

Have you checked for overheating since it’s a laptop?

Can you add a DxDiag here?

Same for me. Only as of very recently. I have almost 2,000 hours in this game, and I haven’t really had any issues since OW2 came out until now.

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