Losing 50SR when it's not my fault

I really cannot understand why players get penalized when it’s not their fault. I queued for comp and then it says found game and at that point you would load into game right? Wrong, instead it doesn’t load me at all and instead just stays in menu with the Play button there instead of there being a reconnect button or anything. I can see match chat still running too for whatever reason. I then went to play and see that I have a 10 minute ban with a 50SR loss. WHY??? This is the first time I ever had a disconnect in like a year and a half. I don’t understand why I lose 50SR with just a 10 minute ban. That seems really harsh including the fact that OW servers didn’t even connect me to my game. This kinda messed up and hope someone from blizzard can see this post and work to fix their penalties on leavers. This is kinda messed up, especially when I never even got to connect to the game.

Unfortunately, they have already made a decision about how players are penalized, whether it’s their fault or not. The same penalty applies to everyone and cannot be reversed.