Losing 50 SR for DC'ing then returning

Are we supposed to lose 50 SR even if we return to a game after DCing? I got DC’d for reasons out of my control, returned and continued playing. Still lost 50 SR with a 5 min ban even though I was there most of the game. If this is intentional…why? I want to come back?

When someone leaves the game (for whatever reason) a red box with a timer will appear in the bottom left of your screen (or wherever you have your chat). If you don’t come back before this times runs out (which I believe is 3 minutes long) you will lose 50sr and get a competitive ban for a short while. This is the same if you join back after the timer runs out.

Its actually 2 minutes, but you are correct otherwise. If anyone who disconnects or leaves a Competitive Match and fails to return within two minutes, they automatically take the loss and full leaver penalty. Details of this policy can be found here:

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