Loose SR after rejoining the game (Disconnect)

Hello there.
I just had a dc restarted my router fast and rejoined the game and then helped my team win…
Why the fudge did I loose 50sr for that role and 10 for the others.
I would understand if I lost or didn’t come back, but I played attack and defence again (2nd round) and had my dc on first attack, did defence before…
Just why Blizzard pls explain. Internet connection aint stable in germany, but if I still win those games???

also would like to still have my statistics from before the dc if thats possible. they always get lost

thanks for answers

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Is it thin? Is it slippery?

Jokes aside, that is what normally happens. Its a penalty that us applied universal to deter those trying to throw or sabatoge matches by leaving them, even if they rejoin. Not sayting thats what you were doing. Like i said its a universal penalty. I dont like it either.

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If you take two minutes or more to rejoin the game, you are automatically disqualified from winning. You can rejoin and help your team to win, but in order to prevent abusive leaver behaviors, players will no longer be able to win the match if they take too long to return or leave too many times. Additional information:


Omegalul… And everyone says I’m crazy and that Blizz doesn’t watch these forums.

Hi WyomingMyst. I ran across a bunch of accounts deranking to be sold later, is there another way to report this kind of behavior beyond in-game reporting?

How do I and the rest of the community know you and the team are taking action against these kinds of people who are destroying the competitive integrity of Overwatch…?

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How is coming back and helping your team win considered abusive behavior? If someone on my team dc’ed for 3 minutes I’d rather they have some incentive to come back instead of an automatic loss. And if someone wants to throw they can throw normally without disconnecting so I don’t see the point of this rule.

If someone continuously DC’s throughout a game. They shouldn’t be allowed to continue queuing.

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