Looks like Lucio's finally a D-tier hero

At first I was against the wall ride change, but after the reverted him being made slower with it, then it was fine. Can still do all the stuff you could before, can now just move in a predictable line along the wall if you hold the button, doesnt really change much imo.

His ultimate winds up the same as Reinhardts they both get the shaft on that. To easily noticeable and can be somewhat preventable, cause to be bugged, or unable to utilize it.

Lucio needs love and the reload issue needs fixed. What did his batteries run out? How come Hanzo’s quiver is never empty?

Its not a nerf but it’s not really a buff either. It just makes it a lot easier for people with 2 hours on Lucio to impress people who have 1 hour on Lucio, and it sorta invalidates a fair amount of my 400 hours on Lucio. I worked to learn so many things that any noob can do now.

I dont feel like Lucios basekit needs any changes
His auras shouldnt be hackable and his ult needs a buff to a point where it can compete with Trans. Right now Trans is easier to get and more effective than soundbarrier (this was always the case but ultimates to prevent teamwhipes became super important during S9/10 so that SB vs. Trans became an actual issue)

Meh, bouncing off the walls still makes you much harder to hit and move faster than someone just holding space, also cant climb for height while just holding space.

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That’s how I felt. I really campaigned to allow him to maintain his speed, and I’m happy they left it. It would have been a flat nerf without that. Though it makes me wonder; I’ve heard that almost everyone on the Overwatch team plays a lot of Overwatch -that’s part of their job, afterall-, but I really feel that with a lot of the Lucio changes -especially the proposed changes, that get changed only when Lucio mains explain the problem with them, there is no actual Lucio main on the Overwatch team. Some of the changes they’ve suggested or attempted for Lucio -and even worse are the changes that have rolled out without the intent to nerf Lucio, and there was no mention of any changes are puzzling. If anyone with virtually any time on Lucio tried to use him on that proposed build, they would have noticed the problem.

Also, according to the patchnotes for May 3rd;

I’m not sure if that’s just misleading, or what. Whenever the SW issue happens in game, I’m obviously in the middle of a fight and can’t always stop to inspect the exact situation that caused it, but after testing in the practice range a bit, it seems that, while ordinarily you’re able to cancel the reload to use Soundwave -assuming it is off CD-, if you’ve got zero ammo left -which automatically prompts the reload- it does not allow you to immediately cancel that reload with Soundwave. You are stuck in the reload animation. That’s what’s killer. You should be able to use Soundwave and then reload. I’m not sure if this constitutes as a bug or just misguided.

It has to be a bug, says right there it can be used while reloading, I assume that meant to stop the reload and do the boop, but still seems like you cant do that with an empty clip. Maybe it is somewhere on their known bugs list.

I would really like it if his amp it up increased his crossfade radius. That way he wouldn’t have a big passive aura like Lucio of old but would help in that he could choose to amp it up in order to catch someone that might be outside of it. Like a middle ground between his old big aura and his new small aura.

I would also like it if they either A. Shaved a second or two off of his amp it up cooldown or B. Had the cooldown start after the ability is used but that just might be me being a greedy Lucio player.

Lucio’s fine, he is the master of cheesing teams with boop.

‘Boop’ has become a nearly useless ability in most clutch situations due in part to the global movement update from around 6 months ago, and the fact that almost every new hero -and reworked hero- has a movement ability to directly counter Soundwave.

Additionally, if what you mean by ‘cheesing’ is disruption, I would agree; that’s his role over healing. He’s -in theory- useful in a lot of situations dependent on the skill level of the player. But the risk for a Lucio to do that -to jump into a team of 6 enemies- just for a brief second of distraction or disruption is almost never worth it at this point in time, as Lucio exists. Furthermore, if that is what you’re after, Brigitte can also knockback an enemy in the same way, but from a point of safety -20m away-, with an additional 70 damage.

Obviously there are differences, but when you look at the kits as a whole, Lucio’s has becoming more and more lacking due to general powercreep and additions.

Just let sombra become meta first, because he is one of the heroes who can most disrupt sombra vice versa but a good lucio won’t let a single hack go through.

That’s wrong though, Sombra has the upperhand in that matchup every single time. I’m certainly not opposed to Somba becoming more played, but if/when that happens, it will be outright worse for Lucio than it even is now, as she most specifically counters Lucio, but not really vice versa. Lucio’s projectiles are so slow that it is incredibly difficult in almost any situation to interrupt a Sombra hack from going off, whether it be on Lucio or a teammate. Soundwave is also not useful for that because the range is tiny, and it’s on a CD.

I’m obviously not saying Lucio should counter Sombra or even be particular adept at killing her. But I don’t think that more Sombra play will in any way help the Lucio situation.

ez way to buff lucio: nerf mercy

This is like screaming Fire in a crowded theater. Don’t anger the Mercy mafia.

The Merfia?

No but for any problem in this game, the answer on this forums is always the same = nerf Mercy. It’s like a bad joke people keeps repeating over and over until it makes you want to vomit…

‘‘Ho and Moira’’
I love you.

Well spoken fellow Frog Main. I 100% agree with everything you said.

Brigitte was a huge slap in the face to Lucio mains, the GOOD Lucio mains who can duel DPS and peel for their Ana/Mercy/Zen, the Lucio’s who can heal the most of their team while effectively weakening the enemies or securing final blows for the DPS, because Brigitte does all of this, without any skill, where as Lucio MIGHT be able to do this, if he’s insanely skilled and has great mechanics, gamesense and positioning.

Brigitte and Moira both lower the skill of Support Duels, why learn to aim with Lucio/Zen/Ana when you can pick those two braindead Supports, spam buttons on the keyboard and every flanker gets deleted? It’s poorly designed, and it makes me upset being a Lucio main. If there’s a problem in the backline and I kill the flanker with mechanical skill, it doesn’t matter, I could be playing Moira/Zen/Brig and getting more value in this meta than Lucio does rn.

Lucio is easy to pick up, and very hard to master, and I agree with you, the Devs can’t keep trying to dumb him down, that’s not why people play Lucio. People play Mercy/Brig/Moira because they’re easy to pick up and easy to master, they’re super simple. Lucio is not that Hero, he use to be and Blizzard changed that so his AoE heal doesn’t stretch across an entire map like it did at launch! I don’t know why they went back on their feelings towards the skill Lucio should take with the wallride changes.

For me, his base kit is fine (although mostly outclassed by Brig), but his Ultimate needs a buff. Sound Barrier is so weak he might as well not even have an Ult most games. The decay is too punishing on it, and the time to activate it is stupid. Hypothetically they could make Sound Barrier have no cast time like Transcendence and I don’t think it’d be broken, Trans would still be a better ultimate.

Also, we need to tone down Mercy/Zen. Half of the reason why Ana/Lucio is dying is because those two Meta Supports just do everything better than everyone else because why not, they’re Zen/Mercy.

I think Lucio is still decently powerful, though I wouldn’t mind a small buff to him… The only thing I dislike is the fact that it sometimes feels like the only people that play him only care about enviromental kills and play way over-agressive the entire game, without healing the team much at all.

Lucio’s problems stem from one source: the enormous disconnect between how the dev team thinks Lucio is played effectively and how he is actually played effectively. It was painfully obvious after the latest changes that no one there plays him.

The air movement changes have crippled soundwave. It’s sad to watch someone go flying off the map, and then steer themselves right back on.

And the zero ammo preventing soundwave has to be a new bug. I swear I have been able to do this in the past.

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Agreed. Lucio mains want to play Lucio like a mid-line skirmisher who also conducts his team through strategic uses of healing and speed. I guess the devs view him more primarily as a true off support who instead just supplements the main healer on the team, or something.

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