Looking for Older Gamers

Looking for some older Gamers 27+ to join our small group of friends. Male or Female, Good or bad doesnt matter. just dont be a garbage human being and get our 90’s references.


Add me!!! I’m “older” lol. TouchMei#1142

add me too pls id love to join

Me too! IntrnetRando#1617

would love to join! GenghisKanye#1165

30’s here looking for friends to play with as well, not a pro but above average support/tank. Don’t play often but when I do would like to have a laid back group. Na Est Snowwstorm#11844 Wife plays sometimes and is mostly damage.




Hey you whippersnappers, get off my lawn!


Which server? I am on the Europe server.

Hi, I’d love to join! Valasaur#1704

I’d love to join too . Loi#12111

add me,im terrible but still like to play Kimber72#1306

I’m down; I’m definitely looking for people to climb with gmanr26#1618 is my blizzard id

I’m down to play, ChdrBiscuits#1652

If this is on the Euro server… Antiparticle#2254

You can add me: SpookySwan#1141


Kallarhynn#1894, 37m.

sLipeLy#6383 32m. =D

Sure! I gladly join!

Add me I’m always down for 90s references lynxadoodle#1996