Limited time/ Purchase required skins need to sync across platform

I have collected everything for Tracer. TWICE NOW Literally everything, I pre-ordered BFA, (A game I don’t even play) to get the emotes, I spent hundreds on all the OWL skins. I switched platforms though because I was sick of playing on console. I was met with several inconsistencies in the transfer.

  1. The Tracer emotes from BFA synced across platform.
  2. The OWL grey Tracer skin synced across platforms.
  3. Even the player icons from the 2018 All-Star event synced over.
    Guess what didn’t sync over.
  4. The Atlantic Tracer skin.
  5. All my OWL team skins
  6. All normal skins.
    I’m fine with recollecting all the normal in-game skins again but I should still have my All-star Tracer skin. Especially if it’s never coming back. This is a very anti-consumer system that needs to be fixed soon. They clearly have the technical capabilities to do it, and all other platforms have agreed to cross-save with other IPs. So Blizzard, It’s on you to make it a reality now.
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Any item that is purchased with OWL tokens is platform specific. This is because OWL tokens are purchased in each individual game store (BattleNet shop, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store).

Based on what you listed, everything stands correct per what is shared among all platforms and what is exclusive.

Ok so why doesn’t Blizzard actually Sync accounts across platforms. If I have cosmetics unlocked they should be synced like several of them already are.

Because items that can be acquired through monetary purchases are licensed through the store platform. Sony and Microsoft earn money from those purchases and they do not want you to leave those platforms.

And what If I didn’t pay for the tokens but earned them from watching OWL streams?

It still comes down to the fact you have the option to purchase them.

I’ve felt this way since switching to PC from PS4. I don’t want to go back to PS4, What urks me, as you have highlighted - is there appear to be exceptions to this rule, but it is not in our favor. Players should not be penalized for adopting another platform in the form of their exclusive skins not transferring over along with their new platform of choice. If the accounts are linked, I feel it is right for exclusive skins to their Battlenet account to be shared.

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There’s no excuse not to have cross platform accounts for unlocks now. Sony and Microsoft have shown they are open to it even with games that they earn money from, that reason doesn’t hold up any more.


Is there any way to unlock the skin again? I would like to have my complete collection on my preferred platform.

I got a PC account after I got the pink mercy skin on console and I realized I could never get it and never wanted to switch platforms bc of it lmao (but I at least got the atlantic mercy skin)

There are other games like Fortnite yes. However these business deals still seem to be in a game by game basis.

It may change for Overwatch one day, but right now this is what we have to deal with.

This, Sony and Microsoft have agreed to cross save with Destiny 2. Why can’t Overwatch also do it.

Exactly. So the only reason it hasn’t happened for Overwatch, is that Blizzard haven’t done a deal for it, not because the platform holders won’t do it.

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So then it takes over a year to negotiate with both platforms to get cross-save? I’ve been waiting for cross-save since last September when Jeff said that they were working on it.

Unfortunately not. I think we will have better luck getting the account transfer/merge before that.

They want you to pay twice simple as that. Destiny is by far not that successful as overwatch and the cashcow OWL … They know exactly there are people like you who are obsessed with items.

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Well Jeff said that they started working on it/ made light of it back when the 2018 All-stars skins released. We’re almost to a year now and still no word on the matter. I just want my one skin to complete my collection, AGAIN.

To be specific here is the exact quote:

Really, I think one day they will want to do it, and if it was a matter of flipping a switch, they would, but until then there is not much that can be done.