Like it or not season 9 is a SUCCESS!

I’ve only played like 20 games in total or something and while I was positive about S9 originally, now I’m getting tired of constantly being asked to play Zen/Lucio/Moira because “we need DPS” :roll_eyes:

I just hope this will change in a few days or weeks, otherwise no point for me playing support at all and that’s the only reason I play this game in the first place lol

I know it’s not really an objective statement about S9, more about how other players perceive it, but still. Maybe 20% healing reduction is a bit too much, idk. Keep in mind they increased health and damage (through higher accuracy), so healing got nerfed twice since healing generally doesn’t benefit from the increase in accuracy (if you’re missing healing shots on Ana… idk what to tell you).

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game is still horribly broken… Matchmaking sucks.


I did forget. That’s going to be ROUGH. I am not sure what to do. Hopefully I come to my senses before then…

To summerize,this is a success in your head because it suits you.
No need to talk about your incoherent talks:you say that supports are unhappy,that tanks have reasons not to be happy but that would be a “success”…
Is this game a “dps world” for you? Only them matters ? Cognition issues?


everybody who is saying “the game is good again” because of these changes are kinda insane to me cuz like, they didnt really fix anything? the game is still just a damage race and a case of people never dying or dying instantly

supports are still busted, just cuz healing got a global nerf doesnt make immortality or anti any weaker, and ofc zen is running lobbies now

yes dps have more value, but its still the same game? youre still just praying you can kill someone fast enough before supports get to them
but also like the passive is just not good design? like it benefits some dps heroes massively but doesn’t change others, which just fundamentally makes them worse because they can’t benefit?
they also never explained how it actually worked, and its so funny to me they implement healing reduction just like that but they can’t change ana nade? like???
the dev team have to be full of silver mercy mains there’s no other way they could be making decisions like this

and like, they didn’t test this patch? like at all? multiple characters have been made completely unplayable in this patch, but they decided MOIRA needed a damage buff? and not the heroes already struggling with the number adjustments like illari and lucio?

this dev team is genuinely such a joke man, and y’all will reward and praise them for doing the bare minimum

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what ults are you talking about

Yea its not been that bad tbh the new comp layout way better

but the Im gettin DPS diff LOSSES 95% of the time…hmmmm.
The dps IQ is just sooo damn low.
they are sooo stupid, watching them run around.

Yeah i actually think its better imo most of the whining is coming from low skill floor mains like Sym/Junkrat/Mercy.

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It’s not perfect, but I like it, also seems that a lot of people have come back to play it.
In that regard it can be said to be a success.

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For those who still complain, remember that the game has a workshop, you can go there, edit and prove that what you are saying is better or not, for all those samito followers and such, make your versions in the workshop!

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there are more dps players then tank and support combined, the entire game could be rebalanced to be dps only if the tank/supp players were really that upset

making the game focus on dps is the smart move

its allready disccused on discord content creator

they plan to nerf dps healing passive to 10%

instead they nerf all support healing by 15% to balance out the 250 hp

so next patch gonna be:

all support healing reduced by 5-10%, for zen its only 5%

dps passive from 20% reduce healing to 10% reduce healing (but can stack up to 20% if 2 people shoot it)

some streamer leak it

who and where lol

havnt heard anythin bout that

A successful trash fire maybe. Best role to play this season is spectator. They just make too many changes at once. Matchmaking is the worst that I have experienced. Why? Is the pool of players just too small?


I’m gonna have to disagree, probably in the worst state it’s ever been.


The only success this season has had is in showing how big of a clown show the current OW2 team is


my dps time hitting about 10mins now this sucks and you only can play a few healers that are HELPFULL.

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The only time my tank is full health is during zen ult lol. I don’t even bother to use coalescence to heal, they just die through it


I tried to zen ult a winton, his healthbar went down faster than Ive ever seen anything before. 20% debuff, zen discord orb, nothing you can do save the poor monkey. It was in all, a wasted ult.

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