Like it or not season 9 is a SUCCESS!

I’ve played about 75-100 games so far and this season is great. Healers don’t feel superior to every other category yet they are still impactful.

Dps feels useful again like they actually have a reason to be on the team and while tanks can definitely use some tweaking in my opinion, they aren’t unplayable.

Most of the complaints I’m seeing are from healers who aren’t able to heal as much anymore, but that’s ironic considering that most healers would constantly remind me that they are support and not heal bots. Now you can do exactly that but it’s upsetting that you don’t have the entire game wrapped around your fingers? Interesting.

If you are a tank main you definitely have a right to complain. Tanks are still necessary and can definitely do some great damage, but they also have a hard time getting healed. I suggest adjusting the healing passive on tanks. However long it takes dps (or maybe even healers) to heal fully from the healing passive should be applied to the tanks aswell. So if it takes a dps 35 seconds to heal from 1 health to full on the passive alone, the healing passive numbers for tanks should go up until it takes 35 seconds to heal from 1 to full.

I say that because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hid around the corner as a tanks and the healing passive kicked in but it was sooo slow. Also doom fist is really bugged so tanks have 1 less player to choose from essentially.

Overall this season feels so good compared to other seasons. A lot of people are complaining but people complain EVERY season so I’m not surprised. Hopefully blizzard makes small changes until this patch is perfect cause so far it’s been great!!!


You’re a DPS who has just taken a loan in the bank of happiness. If nothing is changed then you’ll be forced into bankruptcy of either leaving or uninstalling the game because the interest rate you will have to pay in queue times will soon become insufferable.


Yeah, i uninstalled 3 days in bc the only role that was still possible to have fun on was dps, and my dps queues were 15 minutes. That is never worth it. Bc even at its most fun dps (in this patch) just boils down to picking hitscan and shooting with your eyes closed, and that already gets boring 2 minutes into a match

Unless the devs clean up the mess they caused, wouldnt be surprised if this update finally kills the game for good with these terrible queues


Well your name was strike 1. Title of the thread is strike 2. I stopped there because I didn’t want to hit you with a baseball bat.


With these balance changes, tanks have once again suffer a blow. It’s also ironic that somehow we are reaching the same situation what we had in OW1 and that is tank q-times. This there is only 1 tank in the team and if no one wants to play tank there is only 1 fact to say: 6v6 was not the problem, it was balance issue.


Devs are clowns for their take on how to fix the tank queue problem: for whatever reason they think just screwing over tank players patch after patch and making tanks weaker across the board will help their already declining player rate

And surprise! More tank players gone :slight_smile: exactly what you wanted devs! So proud :slight_smile: of you for putting together :slight_smile: the most balanced patch ever :slight_smile: now i can finally play call of duty but worse :slight_smile:

Anyway i guess ill go play fortnite, at least those devs know how to make a battlepass. Or baldurs gate, just got a kinda buggy patch but its full of content and genuine love put into the game; unlike overwatch you can tell the devs enjoyed making that one, and genuinely wanted it to succeed, rather than just attempting to satisfy shareholders like a certain other dev team i wish was laid off


i will exercise my rights to its fullest extent
ranking up is miserable and season 9 is not a success


And a ton of people here, apparently. People wanted 5v5 with one tank, and when we said “Well, okay, but that one tank will have to be pretty good” they went “What?! Why?!”. And now here we are.


I’m still tanking shrug


Well were not all masochists so to each his own i suppose …shrug


I was already dead inside from OW1 so I had no issues lol


They took the brainlet approach of less people playing role = we should cut the role in half (and then 9 seasons from now cut it into a tiny quarter)

When all along the real solution was to just make tank fun. Let tanks have as many options (playstyles, playmaking, skillshot opportunities, higher skill ceilings, etc) as other more popular roles (dps lol)

But no. blind and deaf team leader helen keller said tanks exist to stand in the fight and then get shot until they die so thats what theyll do now


It’s really unbelievable. In the other topic i saw this player defending 5v5 and this patch like there is no tomorrow but at the same time he is blinded by the Blizzard to notice the historical situation.

We are back again what it was in OW1 and to fix this problem devs will have to check each previous patch to see where they did failed and if they check too much they will get back to 6v6.

Devs need to stop catering this game to the level of other tactical shooters on the market and make the game what it made it great.


Not just the players themselves have to be better, but that one tank player now has to take on the job of 2 tanks. Even better still, Blizzard made no efforts to re-balance the rest of the roster to fit that 1 tank player into the game. So by solving one problem of low tank population they essentially re-invented the wheel and created the same problem.


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha no.


You talking about Hyphen or someone else?

It’s not nice to name the players because they will recognize themselves.

I mean the players in question are also not nice, so, y’know.’

Yeah this was super predictable. For 5v5 to have a glimmer of hope of working, Tanks would have to be super strong, but you know who wasn’t going to tolerate super strong tanks? The very people who were complaining about queue times & advocated for the 5v5 switch. Plenty of folks called that one well before OW2 launched


Support ults literally can’t keep people up through normal attacks of course they’re not happy lmaooo