Like it or not season 9 is a SUCCESS!

im not sure that was the passive i think that was more discord and the increased size because i have used zen ult to counter a genji and sojourn ult and it worked just fine so it was the discord that was the cause

By the time you’ve written this Doomfist was already back on track. They ninja-fixed the “crashing when near a wall” thing as well as a few others. ( Overwatch 2 Known Issues - March 15, 2024 )

After finishing half my ranking games across all roles nothing changed if at all, but weirdly enough I am having fun playing ranked so far.
I still think the hitboxes are too big but the other changes (hp, healing, passives) seem okay. The biggest problem I still see is Wrecking Ball being completely contradictory by design to what the new playstyle demands (dive vs hide and peek), but if he hopefully gets a rework I am pretty much sold on this, I guess.

doesn’t prove anything.

Nothing to do with the success of season more your mad at certain people and your desperately trying to gaslight them

When are you going to get to the part were you show this season is a success???

Just a ramble gaslighting people who complain… ironic because your complaining.

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Success is not equal to your opinion. You need to present us with proof. Just because 1 is having fun does not mean the remaining players are having fun. Honestly they just pushed all the fun into the dps realm. Tanks need a full time baby sitter. The wrong part of supports got changed. It is not the healing that is the problem but the abilities that flat out negate or have really high sustain. The healing output was not the problem. So now we have supports with laughable healing and decent abilities and hardly have the ability to leave a safe area.

The game has completely lost its identity from creating diverse hero’s with a purpose to just churning out a color COD game.

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I think this Meta is shaping up to be one of the best for a very long time and i am the opposite of a Blizzard shill believe me.
They have addressed many of the most fun killing aspects of this game and buffed some of the most fun hero’s to play to be S tier.
Also dive is back.

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Actually have. I now play a 6v6 version of ow2, with faster respawn times, filled with the hardest bots.

More fun than any of the online matches.

I just wish I could undo this entire patch without having to go in and tweak every hero individually

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How do you define SUCCESS?
Let’s say “success” is the
number of people playing.

Morning queue Season 8 consoles EU:
Tank: 5 min
Supp: 3 min
Dps: 10 mins

Morning queue Season 9 consoles EU:
Tank: 3 min
Supp: 1 min
Dps: 20 mins

Queue times tell the truth about balance :poop:
Have fun (hardly) playing DPS gods now :clown_face:
Instead of playing, you now stick in the queue :yawning_face:


Funny how often you see dps players on the forums and twitter defending these changes

I guess thats what theyre doing with all their free time in queue XD


Ive seen people killed thru coalescence by one dps (just coalescence so whatever) and ive seen people killed thru transcendence by one dps (should only be possible with ana nade/jq ult/instakills weve lost the plot fellas)

140 hps is that ults hps so alot can kill through that even in season 1-8

Not nearly as easily as they do now tho. Should be hard to kill thru transcendence, its like the only time zenyatta can have high healing numbers

ok so… i think you missed the point of that post bc it was focused on the queue times

most players play dps anyway and that’s bad for dps queue times right?
they made dps heroes stronger that makes dps heroes more appealing to play and that’s bad for dps queue times right?
support and tank players are upset (at least that’s the consensus) so they’d play dps instead or play another game instead and that’s bad for dps queues right?

And only a few heros can solo kill through transcends i haveo nly seen a discorded target killed through my transcends as well as one shots but healing doesnt care about healing

I don’t think its a success, but funny enough, all the complainers are not really going to get their demands … they are just going to partially revert some things and the “big” thing (the DPS passive) will probably stay.

… but as you can see the bias is showing :

  • If Tanks are buffed , cool less queues for everyone, they are meaningful, still complain a bit about counter picking but meh
  • If Supports are the top dogs/receive buffs, cool, because bla bla we are somehow the victim and the oppressor, if you can’t beat them “skill issue” , immortalities are totally balanced, etc
  • If DPS get a passive and hit more due to the buff, oMg dEvS aRe KiLLiNg tHe GaMe, the game is dead, everyone will quit bla bla.


I haven’t logged into my forum account for an entire year and a half, and I logged on today just to post this: Y’all have been saying this exact phrase for literal years. Y’all arent going anywhere because you refuse to admit y’all are addicted to this game

The problem has always been balance issues.

Currently there are 2 giant issues.

  1. “musical tanks”, most people don’t like this.

  2. supports being overpowered. Primarily healing output.

#2 is sort of being addressed. But the problem is that Blizz likes to hit things with a hammer instead of using a scalpel.

They need to try smaller adjustments that give the desired result.

Healing was OP because supports needed to keep tanks alive… which is OK… until that firehose of healing is aimed at a 200hp dps or support… then it gets comically overpowered.

I think they should try making tanks immune to the 20% heal debuff. It would help mitigate these differences.

Only thing that kept me around past 5v5 was the one friend who still played (it scared off the rest of my 6 stack)

But this patch made him quit too so this is probably the end

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no see my point was

if support and tanks decide to quit the game they (the devs) could just rework the entire game to be dps focused to have no tanks and supports

so thats its 4v4 dps only, now the queues are no longer an issue because all heroes were turned into dps

to be clear only the bad support players are upset and most tank mains are fine as well, even into top 500

this idea that its a majority is hilarious, its a very small portion of the population

the “heal botting” population for the most part

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Only if dps player thinks the same about support. They will still complaining the healer even though the they are just feeding all the time

Why are dps players not using their brain? It doesnt matter how much dps players like the changes. If supports and/or tanks stop playing because of the changes then your queue times go up and the changes will get reverted or at least nerfed. It just simply doesnt matter what dps think about it. PERIOD

i expect a dps passive nerf to 10 % next week.