Lightning Strikes Twice!

All non-explosive projectiles should have falloff. It makes no sense that they don’t.

Due to the travel time of projectiles, long-distance headshots are more likely to be the result of luck. The fact that OW rewards luck with OHKs makes spam unreasonably powerful in my opinion.

On the other hand, exploding projectiles should have no falloff since the damage doesn’t come from the impact but rather from the explosion that occurs once the projectile reaches the target. Just my thoughts anyway.

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Tank players don’t want her she can’t sit with us


Sorry that im out of :blue_heart:s

how did you do that? can i do that to jeff? SO MANY QUESTIONS

It’s a topic invite and I think you can.

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Go to topic controls
Switch it to invite

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I’m confused. He states that Mei and Genji’s pickrates are equal in GM. But in GM Mei has a 5% pickrate and Genji has a 1% pick rate. He also states 8 heroes are picked more than them. So do they have their own data they look at?

Because Overbuff is less accurate than we thought


Shocker. It’s like having access to all of the data is significantly more accurate than a very small portion Overbuff does.


I wish they could actually show us these stats instead of us having to rely on unreliable internet-made sources.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but they were looking at non-mirrored matches. Overbuff almost certainly accounts for mirrored matches. Or was that only winrate

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Well, at least no one can claim that healers and tanks are being picked over DPS anymore to justify that suggestion. :sweat_smile:

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thanks for shating.
this post is better then his previous, still, they say they listen to player feedback for fun factors, very hard to believe considering the tantrum thrown around damage orb, mei, or just how long it took em to fix brigitte

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Truly a credit to the human race


If by “fix,” you mean “neuter,” I’ll buy it. Brigitte was systematically nerfed for like a year because she was so good at punishing stupid but also a great third support.


Me too, that’d be awesome

Yup. That doesn’t help with its accuracy though, and its got other problems too.

They don’t listen to everything we say, for better or worse

Yeah but people were calling her eventual rework within the first two months of her release. They were considered crazy, on the forums anyway


got ya, fixed the wording

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:woman_shrugging: maybe. I don’t think it really fairly accounts for heroes whose best counter is themself (widow) and looking at the stats… Honestly, it’s not too far off from what he wrote. Ashe and soldier are quite close together at about half Genji’s rate. The only difference is the power gap between Mei and Genji. I’d still use overbuff. Otherwise we’re just arguing with the wind anyway.

They can also see everytime Widowmaker forces a mirror Widowmaker. Thats the point that everyone is missing: they have ALL the data, and can arrange it and sort it however they want.

We have Overbuff…

And people think that the community knows everything :roll_eyes:

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Again, I’d rather use overbuff than “well out of emongg’s 4 games yesterday I saw Mei in all 4 games but in Saebyeolbe’s games I only saw Mei twice”. Don’t get me wrong: I do think we should get to peruse at least a fraction of their stats. But they don’t want to let us.