Lightning Strikes Twice!

Another dev post :smile:

Thrice, baby!


For me sleep is overrated. Been up all last night trying to archive all the old dev posts, and trying to make videos for all these new ones.


You madlad


So upcoming Mei changes confirmed.


Of course I’m crazy. I’m trying to save over 2 years of developer responses off of Google’s cached views of pages.



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Love being oneshot by a spamming Mei from across the map. She’s not a sniper. Why can she oneshot me from a million feet away.

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Be prepared for wanna be analyst screeching that Blizz is wrong and only they know the truth, which is in fact, NERF HEALERS AND TANKS.

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You mean as baby Dva?

And Tracer, but yes. It’s one thing that hehe spamzo does it but c’mon. A CQC hero?

Well, to be fair, all projectiles doesn’t have fall-off damage. The removed it with Mei to make it consistent with other projectiles.

Maybe they should add fallof damage on projectiles, and not just for Mei.

I hope Ice Wall gets changed

Wall should go on cooldown after it is destroyed or timed out. Idk why it goes on cd when deployed.

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I more meant what it does. Its too much of a trap, needs to be more of a defensive instead

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Maybe make the wall in a way that you can still shot through it but not walk.
That way it can still block someone but not make him helpless.

on my notifications, it says rocktopus :point_right: Lightning strikes twice
insert black dude what meme

Thanks for the heads up

I’m trying to spread the good word :sweat_smile:

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Make Mei into a tank. +200HP. A little less damage. Wall to have one less pillar but pillars are bigger and have more HP.