Let's Revisit the Absurdity of "Hide and Rez"


Even If you see it as spam but in fact it doesnt broke any rules then it is not spam, and not worthy of false flagging.


Then Don’t read them.

except these people saying so

The devs dont agree with hide and rez. Not anything about its occurrence rates, nor why they thought it occurred was revealed.

that was never stated. And I disagree.

that’s a mechanic issue. You can’t force rez out if no one is dead. That’s a restriction also limited to only mercy. Similarly, she couldn’t save someone if needed. Pros and cons.

it’s not a fact that rez sets the fight inherently to her favor.

also not true, this is why mercy wasn’t good in higher tiers. Chasing Mercy wasn’t the “strat” because rez doesn’t work in higher tieres like it does in lower. Rez itself doesnt work in every scenario the same just like any other ult.

It seems like you’re just as obsessive with trying to invalidate the opinions of others as they are with expressing it.


It was enough to pull the ability.

But keep kicking and screaming for another 2 years, but don’t be surprised if the rest of the community is sick of it


Great. But the actual situation is that it was flagged anyways. But it hasn’t been locked. No harm no foul.


the change was one part of the eatery, so if you’re happy with everything else, it seems normal to just want the one thing you’re unhappy with to go back. Especially since you do keep going there. You want your opinion validated. Seems fair


Close the computer and take a walk.


We have no plans to revert Mercy. We also feel like she’s not in a horrible place or unplayable.

It’s still to be determined if she is exactly where she should be because it has been too soon and the dust needs to settle. Her playtime in QP and Comp is still incredibly high. Her winrate is still above 50% but more in line with what we’d expect.

But I’d like to put the notion that Mercy is going to be reverted to rest.

Also, we don’t agree with the statement that all supports are weak. Support heroes are extremely powerful and impactful in OW.

-Jeff Kaplan

Stop. Stop holding on to something that between the consumers, the people bringing in revenue for Blizzard, the idea of mass rez is unpopular.

I enjoy Valkyrie more. Many others enjoy valkyrie more. People who aren’t playing valkyrie are those who refuse to adapt to the Mercy that is currently in the game.

You know, other than your precious numbers, there is the factor of playing the game to enjoy it.

Which, unfortunately for the mass rez crusaders, isn’t a measureable stat.



yikes actually using stats to try to prove a point and getting mass flagged.


An not fix it. Fth was an issue. Grenade was an issue. zarya grave was an issue. They addressed said issues. They didn’t throw the entire mechanic of those abilities away. They didn’t attempt to address the issue of hide and rez.

Then be sick of it. Seems just as obsessive to be in the threads that you’re sick of. My grandma has a habit where she always has to check if food is bad by smell even if it’s very clearly bad. You’re opening a thread you know you’ll disagree with. That’s pretty weird.

if youre actively dissatisfied with a product/service you purchase, I think it’s fine. It’s not like they’re complaining about a show already off the air, or a book series long ended. This is an active thing they are upset about.


I didn’t report the thread. I enjoy watching you guys embarrass yourself as you claw to the walls for hope, take it like a man.


similarly, their distaste for it is not a measurable stat either. But if she was changed over “hide and rez” disproving its prevalence seems fair imo.

other people hated mass rez so much they gave feedback to have it changed. Seems fair to try and get it changed back with feedback


i said be in the threads. you’re actively participating in threads just to… what? try to invalidate how others feel about a change? Discussion is one thing. And I disagree with the… absolute need for mercy to have a mass rez intent behind a lot of mercy posts. But I don’t think it’s unfair to want it back nor think that valk was an appropriate answer.
You’re literally saying you just like seeing some people upset… I don’t see how that’s better.


I just post in threads while i am in the Queue for a match.

The forums are a waste of time I don’t think the devs are going to come and say Lt is right we never thought of that, we SHOULD do what he says and OW will be a better game because of it


You’d want to double check to ensure that team compositions didn’t significantly change over that period.

Personally, I find my heals noticeably jump if a Hammond is in a match on my team. I’d assume other heroes/compositions would have an impact as well.


So before, I never really read Titanium’s posts because I didn’t think my attention span could keep up (just being honest here), but I actually read through this one. And man…I’ve been missing out. I need to read these threads more often.

But anyways, I’m just going to give some of my thoughts:

  • First off, great post. Pretty sure this is just the standard Titanium post, but still. Good post. Great post.
  • Second, when I clicked on the thread the first post was flagged and…why? Like, I get the whole “Mercy spam” flagging thing, but Titanium is one of the most respectable Mercy players here. Even if he is spamming, it’s probably good spam. Like, Hormel Foods spam. Regardless, it’s still a good read and remains unbiased on the situation since the entire thread only uses numbers. Numbers can’t be biased. So I really don’t see how it’s spam. Sure, it’s another Mercy thread, but it’s an unbiased, analytical, constructive Mercy thread. It’d only be spam if it adds nothing to the conversation. That’s the way I see it, at least.
  • Lastly, just want to give my thoughts on Mercy in general. Firstly, I don’t main Mercy. I flexed to her when our team needed a main support, but stopped after her healing nerf. That was about it. I’m a tank main first. But I’m kind of onboard with what the majority of the big Mercy mains are saying. If they’re going to rework her again, get her rez off E and back on her Q in some form. And if they’re not going to rework her again, at the very least, give her 55HP/s, if not 60. From what I’ve seen, all the big name Mercy players (Titanium, EeveeA, Neptuno, Aria, etc.) are in support of or have said one of these two things (although correct me if I’m wrong). So I feel like one of those things should be done. I get that they probably have bigger fish to fry like making sure Bastion, Sym, and Reaper and those guys are in better shape, but I want to at least hear from them that they have one of those things in the pipeline for Mercy. If we know that they are considering it or are working on it or plan to work on it or whatever, it should hopefully put some of this Mercy discussion at ease. Everyone would win.


that’s fine.

That doesn’t mean others can’t feel the opposite and try


A few things

  • Mass rez was not op
  • Mass rez was not uncounterable
  • Mass rez was a lot of fun
  • Mass rez was impactful
  • Mass rez wasn’t a problem until the SR exploit
  • Said exploit involved hide & rez to pad stats
  • It didn’t matter if it was a good or bad rez as long as it was big
  • This gave the Mercy player huge SR gains and small SR losses
  • It did not help win games most of the time
  • Mass rez did not make Mercy a mustpick or even a good pick

All that being said - I hated mass rez. I’d be really sad if they reverted her.

All I remember near the end of that time was
2 man rez: “Wtf Mercy u wasted rez”
4 man rez:" Wtf Mercy dont just try to steal PoTG"

The freedom that new Mercy has is super fun. Her GA tricks are super fun. Not being expected to hide and still somehow being the last person alive usually… Is… well, not fun but I think it means she’s allowed to be a lot more engaging now than she used to be. No one yells at you if you don’t rez them (usually) because they know they were out of position.

Being expected to stay alive after all 5 of my teammates were dead got super frustrating. Going to rez 5 and only 3 were in range was silly and sparked the “just die on point we have rez” thing. Playing “whichever team kills the other Mercy first wins” wasn’t fun.

We didn’t have the GA that we have now. I wouldn’t trade it for massrez.

But yeah, I think her ult could use a little something. I think rez on E doesn’t make sense. I think they could have balanced the original version of Valk Mercy differently. I think we could have more than 1 rez and still have it be balanced/fun/not require hiding… but that would mean moving it off of E. Which I don’t think they’ll do. (Tbh at this point I’d be fine if they removed rez all together and made her more of a well rounded hero with potential and less of a “trainingwheels” hero that has a kit so limited/static/basic in order to have her rez on e. Which is 50% op and 50% a throw button/button you just can’t even use sometimes)


A Titanium post got flagged and hidden.
Now that is a first.

I expect that from a Sovereign post, but not Titanium.


Probably the same people who were false flagging the flaming dumpster of censorship mega threads.


Don’t think so. I think the folks false-flagging the mega threads were mostly Mercy mains fed up with being unceremoniously shoved into them and wanting to protest. Folks false-flagging this one are mostly people butthurt that someone would dare make an elaborate-and-thought-out post about Mercy and why they think the whole Hide n Rez thing was blown out of proportion