Let's Revisit the Absurdity of "Hide and Rez"


I don’t see what’s wrong with people expressing their displeasure in the changes of a hero.


Dear mods, this is false flagging, please remove the flags because the opening post is not flag worthy. Please uphold the rules and punish the false flagger.


Nothing is wrong. Now doing it for 2 years and consistently typing out an essay of a description. That’s unhealthy. It’s a video game. Not a job.


Nop its not, Deal with it, stop false flagging,

im geninely tired of this bull####

This geniunely pisses me off

The dude makes a 450000000000000 text long thread and everyone is like “LUUUUUUUUUUUUUL MERCY MAIN 4HEAD HAHAHA”

if you dont want to see it DONT LOOK AT THE THREAD


Don’t bother, he’s just trolling and does this consistently. It’s really not worth responding and will just flood the the thread which is pretty much his goal.
I fell victim to this too.


It’s spam at this point. But that’s the fun part about blizzard. Everyone’s opinion is right. And protected.


Dang this got hidden from flags? How many flags does it take to hide a post?


So wait, Someone typing an essay explainng throughly their problems with it

So you rather encourage non-constructivism¡

No, its not spam at this point, cut it out, spam is multiple threads sent in a short period of time that have irrelevant messages or just made for the sakes of bothering other people or causing drama


It’s spam in many people’s eyes. Maybe if we could all move on and realize that mas Rez is dead then maybe mercy threads wouldn’t get reactions like this. But alas here we are.


Because the last thread was like 8000 posts and more than half of them are from the same 20 people talking endless about the same things.

Saying Hide and Rez was not a thing is pointless because most of the community doesn’t agree and neither do the devs. It has been done to death and it is not going to change anything IMO.

Mass Rez got removed because WAY to much priority was put on finding and killing the Mercy. With the other support ULTs you can apply pressure on anyone on the enemy team and force the support ults out. If you don’t want your teammate to die Lucio/Zen you better pop your ult right now to save them cause they are going to die if you don’t.

This isn’t true with mercy because she can just let you waste your pressure on other teammates while her team tries to get one or two kills before she resets the fight for her side.

Which resulted in far too much of the strategy of a fight being focused on kill Mercy first which a smart mercy and team can exploit heavily


Spam in their eyes, not Blizzards. Flagging something because they simply disagree with the content is false flagging and should be punished just as heavily as the violation being falsely reported.


Well their wrong,

Yet we still get people claiming even more ridiculous stuff but no that sfine

People shouting to nerf bastion? nope not spam
People shouting delete brig? Nope completly fine
people saying “X hero diserves to be trash because i dont like them” completly fine


Since when do people care about blizzards opinion. I mean they were the ones that said mas Rez is layed to rest. But whatever forget what they say.


its a product you’re unhappy with. I think it’s fine to express so. Leave as many comment cards as you want. It’s a comment card, not a mass protest outside my store.


Doesn’t make it healthy to do this for 2 years.


If you are referring to me, I do not feel I am a troll, nor do I feel I that I have at any point in this discussion acted the part of a troll

I have responded to the posts of others, noting facts as facts and opinions as opinions. Every thing I have written is genuine. I do not believe that doing so constitutes trolling


To me, this is more like only coming in to a eatery to leave comment cards about an experience from 1-2years ago, always that same experience, while refusing to eat there


A pity the post has been heavily flagged even though it doesn’t go against the code of conduct in any way, just shows how toxic the forums are, i don’t care about mercy or whether she gets reverted or not but could you not false flag people.


Totally wasn’t a thing.

YouTube’s “best mercy hiding spots.”
100k+ views on multiple videos.


Logical Way to Fix “Hide and Rez:” Resurrection now requires Mercy to have Line of Sight in order to Resurrect.

Blizzard’s Way: Valkyrie 1.0 (Which wasn’t terrible by the way.)

Blizzard After Valkyrie 1.0: This monstrosity of an “ultimate” we have now.