Let's Revisit the Absurdity of "Hide and Rez"


It’s not that’s it’s hard to take in this much info, it’s just the OP needs to learn to not make such long-winded posts. Maybe 1/100 people will actually waste time reading the whole thing. The rest just probably favorite or comment based on the title or do a quick skim and post.

The devs will certainly not waste time reading this. If OP actually wants change, they should make shorter posts, with bolded points, clear sections, and a tldr so the people that matter will actually see the parts that matter.


Titanium post flagged…
That’s just not right…
For what it’s worth Titanium, this has been done to me before, it’s terrible.


Look, I respect the time and effort that was put into this but seriously can we stop with pointless Mercy threads


Apparently the OP was flagged for being opinionated, with stats no less.

So in the era of Trump stats are hurtful and demeaning that need to go away, gotcha.


What’s pointless to you has a point to someone else.


I don’t think that’s what happened.

OP set up a false premise: If healing numbers were the same after the rework, then hide and rez wasn’t a problem.

There’s nothing in the post that supports that premise, and it’s written condescendingly to demean everyone that complained about hide and res as if we all made it up.

Flagging this post as trolling seems entirely appropriate.

How many flags does it take to hide a post?

lol and the expendable crew of “holier-than-thou” forum goers that call support mains “softies who play the victim card” say they don’t flag. Although, I’m willing to bet this was “factually” flagged. :wink:


Oh dear


Imagine caring about Mass Resurrect in 2019


I thought overbuff doesn’t account for hidden profiles.


This one actually made me chuckle, even though i’m a mercy main.


just warning you now

since for a lot of people this is a tl;dr post
there will be loads of people just saying “no you are wrong because you are wrong”


Or the OP’s argument is redundant and factually incorrect :woman_shrugging:


I’m going to assume people have already covered this:
Averages are about the same because mercy could draw out fights longer before the rework/fights used to last longer but chain healing in Valk made up for it after the rework. There are multiple variables in play beyond just hiding and rezzing as a strat.
I’m bored of this gaslighting schtick. People who were around at the time were around at the time. It wasn’t exceedingly rare. Oasis and EeveeA had videos–multiple for the former–all about hide and rez. Other mercy mains had them, too. You can find a metric ton on YouTube even still. You can see comments upon comments of people talking about their experiences with it. Even Tempo Storm had a guide for it. Was it always more effective than tempo rezzing? Not often. Was it quite commonplace? Yeah. We need to stop dwelling on something that’s almost two years obsolete.
Here’s an imgur album of a few examples.
Apologies for my 2am phone censoring


Finally OP post is unflagged.

Thanks to the mods for unflagging it.
I hope the ones that false flagging it get what they deserved. Any attempt at false flagging is a form of censorship that shouldn’t happen if the post is not breaking the rules or inflammatory.


Or you just… didnt read what i said did you?


Can think all you want captain planet but this world is getting more toxic by the day.

Saving our forum is the thing to do gosh dang it. Titanium is not a troll.


If its short, its slammed for lack of details. If its detailed, its met with “TLDR” and “Get a life”. Frankly there is no winning, so why try to please the unpleaseable?


Then what you are doing is false flagging. Because what OP does is starting a discussions with detailed numbers and arguments.

The mods knew that and unflagged this thread.


And this is where all of your effort falls apart.

Mercys weren’t exactly hiding for an hour. At most they were maybe out of the fight for 10 or so seconds. So, that was about 600 healing they missed. But then after the Rez pre-rework Mercy had more healing to do that Mercy can’t do now.

We get it. You like Mercy. But these large posts with all the maths which are very loosely based on a skewed practical perception does nothing more than throw sand in the eyes of people who disagree with you.