Let’s talk Doomfist for a quick minute

I remember making all these posts in the past about doom bias, doom being a character that causes extremely volatile reactions in the playerbase if he’s somewhat decent, doom being a character blizzard has to just leave in the corner, and I hate to say I told you so but I told you so!

First they reworked him into a tank completely disregarding the veteran DF playerbase who spent hours learning how to play him into a Winston with extra steps, and then they effectively remove 16+ of his new techs.

For the past 2 years or so of ow1 DF he’s always been low tier-mediocre at best. Ow2 beta which brought all these new hero’s, new changes, new reworks. Still mediocre at best. Hmmm…let’s nerf him!

Sounds about right…

Nothings changed. Even though they reworked the dang character and ow2 is a whole separate game nothings changed! This point by itself should have you questioning the competentcy of this developer and the future of this franchise.

In depth video about this

I guess my final thoughts about this to wrap it up is that if they’re so willing to blatantly dumpster this character time and time again why not just remove him entirely from the game. It would make it easier for everyone including the doom players :person_facepalming:


Yeah man. Just end his misery at this point


Dude but why…
They did such a good job and now it’s all f*ed.


this is sad, I literally just came to terms with him being a tank and now they demolished him again


“we want to keep bugfist a combo based hero”

Removes ALL combos


Agreed. Just erase him from existence because I’ve got the feeling OW2 is going to be a rocky road for Doom mains.

Gordon Ramsay voice:

This gameplay is ******* bland!

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yeah just delete him and hog from the game, why even bother pretending there’s more than 8 tanks

First iteration of tank doom was a bit too powerful. So they nerfed em
Second iteration a bit too underpowered, could perhaps use the slow re-added to his slam but not as strongly.

The new iteration: Blizzard does not give a flying f*** about you. Overpowered, balanced, underpowered? None of that matters. Having fun is what matters, and we had too much for Blizz’s taste.

Go play others tanks is the message. Don’t focus in on one character. The less you feel attached to a specific character, the more likely you are to spread out and as a result spread your money across their various skins.

$$$ talks, and they want it all. Rip doom.

they should just delete him and have him replace athena as the in game announcer.

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Doomfist really is like a fighting game character.

One thats the lowest on the tier list, doesn’t combo well at all and other characters can preform far much better in more situations. But gets the odd ok skin.


Now they can balance him correctly, which is NOT allowing him to abuse map bug and glitches. He’s finally on the right path.

Abusing bugs and glitches is not using ‘techs’.

But who cares cause it’s just gonna be boring as hell now without cool movement.

Doom has been boring for years. Abusing bugs and glitches to one shot people is awful gameplay. They’re finally fixing the character.

Aaaaaand there goes all my interest in the tank role

Atleast kiriko looks fun

Well apparently not considering people are disagreeing with this change

Not like he can one shot anymore without ult lol

Only the snowflakes who abused bugs and glitches for years. People happy with changes don’t usually post on forums about it. Most people are glad they’re finally fixing doom.

I am all for them adding mobility to doom, provided it’s planned, and not a result of players exploiting glitches and bugs.

Unironically using snowflakes :skull:

Unless it’s an anime fighter, then most people playing won’t even know what tech is.

Oh goodie the silver player takes are here :yawning_face:


If we’re talking rank, you’re gold, I’m diamond/masters, depending on the role you’re talking about (I’ve only played against a handful of high ranked doom players, and it’s VERY impressive, as a sidenote).

If Blizzard agrees with a playstyle, formalize it (like they’re trying to do with mercy’s superjump). Don’t just leave glitches in the game for people to exploit. If they want doom to be able to exploit geometry, plan for it, develop for it, and communicate it as a part of the hero. Until they do that, most people aren’t going to lose sleep because a few snowflake are upset they can’t abuse glitches any more.

Doom is a specialist, situational hero. Doom players are by and large snowflakes because they are the first to complain when they can’t play doom 100% of the time, instead of using him in the narrow circumstances where he makes sense.

Yet private profile,interesting

Riiiight thats why they didnt touch it for years after it was discovered (like mercy superjump)

Yes cuz putting the time to get better makes people like us snowflakes when it gets taken for virtually no reason considering even with them he was garbage for the longest time but you aint ready for that convo apparently,also you cant really plan for someone bumping off a slightly slanted rock just fyi

Have you seen the mercy/Sym community at all,also when exactly should one play doom?,never? Cuz thats what it feels like

Your essentially taking his one saving grace in a myriad of garbage and justifying it with hypotheticals and comparing it to something that neither benefits nor takes away from the hero

It takes like 3 minutes to learn superjump,it takes way longer to learn a tech,perform it,get the kill on the target,get out AND not to mention that u have to learn them on every map where that may or may not be possible.

But again,we aint ready for that conversation.