Legacy hero option in custom games for OW2

EDIT: Our community has released our final megamap (created with many members of the community) of Overwatch 1. Try it out with the custom game share code: VRCAM :slight_smile:

Dear Blizzard,

On behalf of the Doomfist Parkour Community, I would like to suggest a feature that would mean a lot to many Doomfist Parkour players across the globe.

  • Adding a legacy Doomfist option for custom games.

I would also like to extend this suggestion to all other Overwatch heroes that will be reworked for Overwatch 2. Since OW2 will overwrite OW1, we will lose access to this functionality altogether.

As the release date for Overwatch 2 nears, a fear of losing a community that I hold dear becomes closer to reality. The Doomfist tank rework will destroy the foundations of Doomfist Parkour (DPK) that we have built over the last four years. This is due to Rising Uppercut being removed from Doomfist’s kit and changing the functionality of Seismic Slam. There are many nuances and “tech” associated with these two abilities that have allowed DPK to truly blossom into what it is today. Don’t get me wrong, the new abilities for Doomfist are cool, but it will ultimately undermine the core gameplay of DPK by removing most if not all movement nuance that the hero had.

We have a Discord server that has grown rapidly in the last few years, with close to 1500 members. In the server, we track speedrun times, share map codes, and compete in tournaments to see who can be the fastest. Other than that, we host events such as game or movie nights. We have noticed a decline in morale amongst DPK players the past few months after learning about Doomfist’s rework and playing the OW2 betas.

The future of DPK is seemingly bleak. This is not to say that OW2 Doomfist will not be able to perform in a parkour-type situation. In fact, he may be too mobile since he can fly a quarter length of the entire map in less than 3 seconds. The issue is that the rework makes the easier side of DPK extremely easy and the more challenging side extremely difficult.

One may ask, “why can’t you recreate the ability in Workshop?” Due to the removal of “direct” or “indicator” slams, specific stall (certain surfaces of the game where you can be in without being considered on the ground) locations are now impossible and cannot be recreated with Workshop. These slams are commonly used in speed-focused parkour levels. So it will be hard to let go. Since Rising Uppercut has nuanced movement, it would be virtually impossible to recreate the effect true to its nature. Rising Uppercut is an ability with a diverse set of movements. Uppercut can be animation canceled with the current framework used to make parkour maps which plays a significant role in speedrunning. It’s used in a tech called “headbounce” which allows you to gain horizontal momentum when using it against specific surfaces or when setting up for “pixels” (stalls that are very small and difficult to land on).

This feature would help not only the DPK community but also the Doom Sumo and 1v1 communities. These game modes will not play the same in OW2.

Extending this feature request to all OW1 heroes can and will benefit the Overwatch Workshop community as well. More options for creators to build excellent game modes is a great idea.

TL;DR: Doomfist rework (and other heroes) will be hard on many people in Workshop based communities. Adding a legacy option for Doomfist (and other heroes) would be beneficial for these communities and for Workshopping in general.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, please share!

Thank you for your time.


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i miss old torb and symm
wish we could play around with them in custom games

i feel so sorry for all the doom players who’ve had the character they spent thousands of hours on mastering deleted without their consent due to overriding


woah 28 likes in 20ish mins people (including me) really want this


I 100% agree. Honestly, DF Parkour is one of the only things that keeps me coming back to the game. The only game mode I can just sit down and lose track of the time. I’m pretty gutted knowing that I’m off to college right now and DPS Doom will be gone by the time I get back to my PC. I typically don’t ‘contribute’ too much to the DFP community, but it was really comforting to see familiar names in lobbies and pass the time with idle chatting or helping newcomers.

I’m sure keeping file size down would be a concern for having double the data for some characters. Maybe an optional file that contains the legacy kits for anyone who wants them? That would probably need to involve an additional filter for custom games to avoid the headache of people w/o a legacy kit trying to join.

Hopefully something like this can be achieved! Regardless of what happens, I’m glad I had the time with to play with you all. :face_holding_back_tears:


Amazing suggestion. Doomfist parkour is a pretty large community, and adding this feature would not only help it grow more, but many old names would come back to the community once more and love to see all the new possibilities with all the new maps. As for myself, I’m pretty active within the community and it really sucks to see this “gamemode” possibly die out.


As a long time active member of this commmunity, it would be very sad to see this gamemode and community die because of the rework. People have spent thousands of hours mastering this and it just feels stupid for it to vanish this way…


Custom games, especially doomfist parkour, means a lot to me. I’d hate to see it wither away, knowing all the great times it has given me, and all the others in the community.


Agreed. As someone whose been in this community for almost three years now I can say that the 1400 or so people in the discord server aren’t even 20% of the dpk community. There are probably a thousand people who play it a lot that aren’t in the server and a couple thousand that play it more casually. Legacy doom would bring back a lot of the community that was once active, as recently popularity within the community is slowing.


I only play custom games. Not a huge fan of doom parcore myself, but would love a legacy option. Same with brig, sym, torb and hanzo.

Also generally add more stuff to the workshop :slightly_smiling_face:


Agreed, doomfist parkour is one of the most commonly played workshop gamemodes and I would hate to see it wither away.


I’ve met some of the nicest people in this community and that helped me since i’m far from a sociable guy, sad to see Doomfist (which is one of the only reasons I still play this game) and this mode go away cus of ow 2


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I would love to see this happen, my most played game modes are doomfist pk and doom sumo and even my main right now is doomfist. As much as the tank rework is cool, its not the same and it would be really cool to be able to use the legacy versions of all of the heroes in custom games.


I have to agree with this. I used to play on ps4, got a pc and got bored at some point. Then I randomly stumbled on DPK while queing for a match and I’ve sunken a stupid amount of time into it. If not at launch i beg the devs to please, please implement legacy doom into OW2 at some point in the near future. I’ve made quite a bit of friends and had a metric ton of fun just clowning around in this niche and endlessly entertaining mode. It also has a surprisingly large and active community and I hope this is something Blizz still values


I’m hoping they will have various builds for characters. I know PVE will give us skill trees so it may be setting up for even a wide range of abilities for workshop/custom stuff too. I hope!


I spent more than 50% of my OW time playing Doomfist parkour, and, affected by me, some of my friends also joined the community to play this fascinating custom game. I really think Doomfist is one of the best designs within OW: the hero is so outstanding due to the creativity of the designers. Likewise, Doomfist parkour is a masterpiece of Doomfist players. Now, the Doomfist parkour community consists of thousands of members all over the world, and I believe none of them wouldn’t be sad to see the abilities not retained in OW2. I’m pretty sure the game is not limited by the traditional QP or Comp games which, I admit, are important parts of the game. I sincerely hope the current design of Doomfist can be archived in some custom mode in OW2.


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Yes we need legacy doom for parkour to continue.

And this is not only for DPK players but also for Doom sumo. Blizzard is just deleting these communities if they dont have legacy doomfist available in custom games



Me and many others spend over half our time in overwatch in custom games and parkour. It’s also very fun in between matches. I would be sad to see it go in OW2. The new skills just don’t cut it for a parkour mode. I tried my best and can’t make anything close enough with workshop. A legacy hero option would be a blessing.


I’ll preface this by saying I’m fully supportive of things like this, particularly for custom games…

However, other hero mains have been asking for older versions of heroes for years (Mercy mass rez, Sym 1.0/2.0, etc) so I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much. I strongly suspect Blizzard does not want to maintain optional components of various heroes (including art/animations for them) for something only used in custom games.


The only thing that worries me is that 80% of these posts are from brand new forum accounts.

Did someone post in a Discord and say ‘come show your support for this thread’ or something?

Not that I doubt that DF Parkour is popular, but , uh, it looks awful suspicious.