"Last minute check" on twitter means reveal today right? Don't tease us!

Bridgette attacks with her pet cats, augmented with Jetpacks, confirmed.


As a crazy redheaded cat woman myself, I am definitely maining her.


I personally cant wait to see a crazy Overwatch Hero… like something crazy/wacky that just works with the lore of the game. Im diggin the idea of having a cat on a rocket suit with a mace and shield.


Unfortunately I don’t think it will happen tho…

I think they will be revealed today and then go onto the PTR on Thursday.


I hope you are right. i cant wait!!!

Usually non-Blizzcon charecters are reveled and become playable on ptr on the same day

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:scream_cat: Ohhhh god I can’t stand the suspense :boom: anymore. I need a relief soon! :cat2: :mouse2:


Well they could still do that, doesn’t mean they have to wait till Thursday just because that’s their usual schedule.

All will be revealed…



I think that : “Last minute check! Everyone squared away?” means that the release might be tomorrow or Thursday or maybe Friday who know :smile:

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I posted this in another thread.

Looking at the flail design from yesterday, the weapon is between 17 and 20 inches long. It’s a perfect one hand weapon for a 5’8" to 6’ tall woman that’s also holding a shield. Going by the size of the shield from the measurements in the picture (104 CM), that’s about a 40" tall shield, also perfect sized for a 5’8" to 6’ tall woman. Both the shield and flail are too large for a cat.


Um… no. 104 CM is 40 ish inches. I got the size of the flail by adding 40% of the handle size to the flail to get the total height. I’m close to the correct dimensions.

104 cm is 1 meter which is 3 feet. I am 5’8 and 3 feet is about up to my waist. You might be right but thats pretty small…

It’s the same size as a riot shield:


It’s small if trying to do a full barrier shield like Rein but it might be for a more personal use.

Nice point. It makes sense it won’t be a huge shield, that would overlap too heavily on Reinhardt’s role.

Seems like off-tank role almost confirmed.

For what i should hate Brigitte like a character inside (i don’t see her necessary in game etc) I’m so hyped and PLENTY of the teasers. Just release and make us destroying on 28th hero ideas e_e

Psss Ok that i could hate Brigitte because i see like a fanservice but… Paladin in OW? I will embrace it, i love paladin role, shield and “sword”

the more that we converse on this topic the more i want Blizzard to just announce the character. Id like to see some game play, skins, abilities and of course, the ult. I want to see how this is going to be a “change” to the meta.

We have up to 1PM pacific time (4PM eastern) for a normal reveal/release/drop of content from Blizzard. That is under and hour and a half. If we cross that time with nothing, Brigietteegetee is not coming today.

Blizzard please!