Lag/latency issues

I don’t know if anyone is having similar problems, but since the latest season started I’ve been having lots of lag and latency issues, I tried lowering the graphics setting and even uninstalled and reinstalled the game and the problem continues, it was running fine before the season 8 update

Which region are you playing in? If you’re in North America, please provide the general area or the server code you’re connecting to. A connection test would also be helpful.

Im in south america.

Okay you would need to collect a connect test for anyone to tell you the source of the lag.

Had really bad lag since I switched to PC a month or so ago. Also since yesterday I’m constantly getting disconnected from the servers to the point I’ve now gotten a 20 minutes ban.

the Aisa server issues, TOo care address them???

I don’t work at Blizzard and don’t know anything about the status of the Asia servers. I primarily post in this forum for North American and Oceania.

Asia region here, you aren’t alone, yes the new season (where Mauga was added), noticeable lag up to 200ms occurred in majority of games, which is new to me

Try changing regions that you connect to, but even after I changed to America server, only had 2 lag free games and then we back to 200ms lag

I’m having this problem on the Eastcoast US. I get randomly huge lag spikes that make the game unplayable. It’s never been like this until this season.

Same here, playing on Americas (Australian servers). Game isn’t playable for me anymore, had no issue last season.

Highly suspected to be the same issue since OW1. You are probably forced to connect to servers far away from you.

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