Lack of role Q will drive more people away than implementing it will

if dps players left as much as u claim, they wouldnt have 20 mins Q as Jeff said since theyre so few
and i have more friends that main tanks and support that left than DPS mains

and we reached this state specifically because of the “protect the DPS overlords owo” mentality

People don’t Change if they are not Forced to, simple truth, deal with it! :innocent:

Yep. The matchmaking is absolutely horrible. Role Q is the only thing that will make me stay another season.

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According to this week’s stats, there’s actually slightly more Healers/Tank picks for each Role in Competitive, than DPS picks.

So the excess DPS picks is more of a Quickplay thing.

And that could be solved by having a 6AnyHero queue to absorb all the 3-5DPS comps.

And a 2AnyHero-2Tank-2Heal as an option.

Nah. At the beginning of each match, even if we settle in 222, you have like 4 pepole trying to pick DPS and it is like a game of chicken to see how fills first. That is where half my off-meta hate comes from. They are all like, “do we need a Widow?” If I am one of the 3 or 4 DPS. Nobody says that garbage at the select screen if we have only 2 DPS. There are tons of DPS mains that feel “forced” to play tank or support and those stats reflect that. But without peer pressure, people WOULD queue for DPS. Well, in a world where they do not need to wait 30 minutes. Rofl.

Propably. They already tried something like this in heroes of the Storm, by adding a rule that every team would need a healer and tank for the casual mode. It was a disaster and resulted in 5+ minute queues for everyone.

i’m a support and tank main and i’m strongly against role queue. Putting limitations and restrictions on which heroes people can play is the worst thing the devs could do. I’ve said this in multiple threads. The Comp problem isn’t solved by role queue as it’s a people problem and not a structure problem


toxicity is also a people problem but having a report system has been very helpful :slight_smile:

just because the source of the problem is human nature, it doesnt mean that doing something about it is useless

Honestly I’m hoping role queue is implemented into QP as well. Or that they make an unranked mode with role queue. Playing on a team full of DPS in QP is aneurysm inducing.


The only reason I don’t trust OB is because it doesn’t, or can’t, pull information from private profiles, which the majority are now.

Personally, I don’t care about having off tanks or off heals instead of mains. Legitimately doesn’t bother me in the least. What does bug me, however, is the second bit…

Nothing bothers me more than having a junk or sym or torb, etc., that can’t take care of the widow or pharah because they have more mobility. That is the only thing that actually bothers me in any comp.

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and to those that are like “well use LFG”…i have something to tell you

LFG is stupid because most of players are already in the rank they deserve, and if you believe that you deserve to climb, youre shooting yourself in the leg by grouping up with randoms that you hope to be in the same situation as you, good but unlucky

well guess what, hardstucks gonna hardstuck , even in an LFG