Lack of role Q will drive more people away than implementing it will

Because honestly, tanking and supporting is fun, but the people that find it fun have given up on the game or turned into casuals
Because healing and tanking feels like babysitting when you have to play with a 3-1-2 ! Or even when you play with a 2-2-2 that is flexing but theyre halfassing it because they arent into flexing .

Support and tank mains are people that usually suck it up , dont let their silence make you think that the game is better without role Q

The longer we wait for role Q to be implemented, the longer the wait time for DPS mains will be after role Q actually become a thing

Or dont implement it al all and enjoy having to wait 3 mins for a match with 4 DPS mains that might flex , but the match will be unbalanced because they cant heal as well as they frag


The game will lose players one way or the other…
Yet… one of them leaves the game with a better feeling that people staying might once again recommend the game to friends, bringing people back in… the other just has the game end up in a downward spiral were more and more people will leave, making the situation worse untill noone wants to play anymore.

The problem with role queue at this point is they keep adding hybrid characters so… at some point, all the tanks and healers on your team will be playing dps characters that are bulkier or have healing. So you’ll still get your 6 dps comps lol.


b-b-b-b-but goats is the meta! it’s sooooo fun to watch in OWL! not boring at all!


by that logic, mercy and few other heroes are the only non-DPS hybrid heroes

It’s really undeniable. People have been vocal about quitting because of the problems that RQ would fix.

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Well, I’d say most of the dps aren’t hybrids, as they don’t have the ability to tank and don’t have the ability to heal others. But yeah, you’re right.

Role queue is not possible currently with how many people prefer playing DPS

Telling Most of the player base they need to wait in line for 20 mins won’t end well

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And these hybrid heroes could be used as the new 3-3 substitutes.

Rein, Zarya, Brig, Moira, Soldier, Mei, for instance.

Still kind of a 3-3 comp.

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Very much a possibility.

Playing off-role from what you normally play in general is fun when you’re matched against people at your skill level on that role. I think that’s something a lot of people overlook with a role queue. Settling for an off role no longer becomes a detriment. With our current system when you go into a game and 4 people lock a role and you really wanted to play that role, and you end up filling, it feels like crap because you’ll have that “but I could be carrying… red team is so bad!” the whole time. I think that would largely go away with a role based matchmaker.

I don’t know why but every time I reread this it comes off to me like I’m trying to disagree. I’m not. I agree with your post.


they have to wait 20 minutes specifically because role Q hasnt been a thing so far

the impact of supports has been the things that drew in a lot of players when the game launched

but now that the game in pretty much un-enjoyable for supports, they left in big numbers and will keep on leaving in this state, making things harder for DPS mains in the end, with or without role Q

if you cant see how DPS players are shooting themselves in the leg with this attitude, then idk what to tell ya

For some reason, I don’t think 30 minute queue times for dps players is going to benefit the game much. Instead people will just get even more frustrated and quit. Then all we’ll have left is tank and support players and then we are in defacto goats meta!


please read the comment above yours

it’d be fine if they allowed “Wild card” slots also for people who wanna role fill like I do

If people enough people wanted to fill there wouldn’t be a problem

If you look at Competitive player populations, it’s pretty evenly split, really close to 33%/33%/33%.

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Nearly all Tank and Support mains from my FL stopped playing because of the broken matchmaking and those 3-4 dps comps which are infesting QP and low/mid ranks.

Maybe it is not too late to win some of them back?

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people that dont mind flexing are driven away by the current randomness that going around in matchmaking

like…he game would have had more flexers around if LFG was a thing from launch, when the game was filled by people that liked the impact up supports

I don’t think anyone would still play this game if role queue had been implemented two years ago. There would definitely be less high-level play.