Lack of role Q will drive more people away than implementing it will

Jeff straight up said it would be a 25+ min wait for dps if nothing changed

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how so?
like… pros a literally begging for role Q on twitter???

It’s time for this playerbase to learn how to flex.

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the thing that should be changed is to give supports reasons to play the game again
so that waiting time wont be so long :smiley:
which wont happen in this state

And did he specify if that was for Comp, Quickplay, or both combined?

I can guarantee you he didn’t.


Nice proof of your claims.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Queues up as tank but chooses DPS

He said we can’t do roll queue right now because if nothing changed in what the players like to pick DPS would be waiting over 25 mins

That is the reason they made Batiste to try and make supports DPS player might pick

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The role queue fanatics are in for a big shock if it is ever implemented. They are clearly looking at the queue through rose colored glasses.

The current problem at it’s core is that random people do not want to play the heroes that you want them to play. This isn’t going to change with a role queue. What will happen is that people will choose heroes that still irritate you, but you will be unable to change heroes yourself to compensate for a broken group composition.

Instead of multiple dps comps that people complain so much about, you will end up with two off tanks, or off healers. Or you will have dps that are ill suited to confront the dps on the opposing team… and there will be far less options available for you to address it. You will see every possible manner of broken comp and a voice will be screaming inside you that if you just swap to a certain hero you know you could make it work… but you won’t be able to.


So does that specify if this is talking about Comp, or Quickplay?

Why would roll queue even matter for QP?

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Because the game is suffering from a lack of player retention, and QP determines 100% of the new player experience.

If QP is going to feel more chaotic than a game of Apex. Then what’s the point of Overwatch?

i have no idea what your talking about at this point

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I don’t agree. The only players who have left are the whiny Mercy mains and dps players. Us support players and tank players I think stick around, mostly because we don’t have much else where to go. And I don’t think disenfranchising a huge portion of the player population is a good approach to improving the game.

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There are a lot of games out there that specialize is a chaotic solo-play experience.

Overwatch is different in that the team synergy of Tank/Healers/DPS reduces the chaos.

But if you constantly play 4-1-1 comps with tons of snipers, and autolose if you don’t get a shield tank. And your healers/tanks getting burned out playing the same 2 heroes over and over.

Then Overwatch isn’t showing off it’s strengths.

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And forcing people to play heroes and roles they don’t want to play or wait inline for 20 mins is going to make people want to play more?


That’s why I figure the best answer is to do both.

  • 6AnyHero to eat up all the 3-5DPS comps.
  • 2Flex-2Tank-2Heal, for the most flexible one-size fits all comp that avoids SoloTank/SoloHealer.
  • Queue for both, whichever is faster
  • A fancy LFG button.

That is 2 very different balance streams now and it going to make a mess IMO

They need to make people want to play support and tank more by making ones that appeal to DPS.

or make it up to 3 dps slots or something


To be honest, that might be the best they can do. If they really want to maximize queue speed in Quickplay.

3DPS-2Tank-1Heal isn’t the best, but it’s a drastic upgrade over the status quo.

The problem with it is, how do you make it Fair?

Would it be first come first serve, or a draft pick. And if it’s random like that, won’t you get a ton of leavers?

Or would it a ton of toxicity in asking people to switch.