Kiriko Tanpopo and Fuji Skins are locked but have no price

I would like to unlock the Tanpopo skin, but it appears to be locked, and has no price to unlock it and the button to unlock it is greyed out. The same is true for the Fuji skin. I saw in other posts that players unlocked the Tanpopo skin and got the Fuji skin instead, but I don’t have access to either because of this issue. Take is available normally, but I havent tried purchasing that one because I don’t really want it. I was able to purchase the Ajisai skin normally. I have enough currency for the price it is supposed to be, 300 coins, like the others I am assuming.
I can send screenshots if that would be helpful, just tell me how to send them.


It’s a bug they haven’t solved yet:

Here’s the link to the topic:

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This isnt the same bug, I said in my response that I know about that bug, but in my situation I dont have access to either of those skins. I know that the result of the other bug is something like my bug where both appear with no price after attempting to buy Tanpopo, but mine is different in that I dont have an option to even purchase either skin. To make completely clear I did not purchase the Tanpopo skin and get the Fuji skin like the known bug. I have not been able to purchase either skin, because both are not listed with prices and have greyed out unlock buttons. I cannot equip either of the skins either. Unless what you are saying is that them not being available is due to the other bug, and they have made them temporarily unavailable as a result in which I case I misunderstood what you were getting at.


I’m having the same issue, haven’t tried to purchase them but they are locked and have no price or way to buy them.


Same here. My best guess is that they temporarily disabled the skins until they finish fixing the problem and reverting the purchases. However, this is an educated guess and should be taken with a grain of salt.


Same issue, they are both locked for me and I can’t buy either :frowning:


I have the same issue

I have the same problem: tanpopo and fuji skins are locked and have no price