Kiriko is better at pocketing than Mercy

As more info keeps coming out about Kiriko, I keep hearing she’s a better pocket than Mercy.

Apparently she can get 70HPS by hitting all her healing seals and the aiming requirement is quite relaxed.

Meanwhile, Mercy is sitting on 55HPS, with far less offensive contribution and a horrible ult.

Granted, this is all theory crafting at this point, but seeing Kiriko in action it really is starting to feel like they flat out neglected Mercy.

Even her teleport is like a better version of GA and her immunity is better than Rez at keeping your team members in the fight.


Kiriko still cant pocket a Pharah or Hitscans like Mercy could.


It’s 130HP/s. 1 paper/ammo does 13HP/s. Kiriko fires them in a burst of 10 each time. That’s 130HP/s


Ty for the correction.

How the hell can the devs make these kinds of decisions for other supports and not apply any of that same logic to the weakest support in OW2?

“Here’s ez-mode super jump!” high five


Mercy is not a premium battle pass hero, she deserves to suffer and be underpowered as a result.

The stronger Kiriko is to other supports, the more value I get out of the premium BP.


And the moment most players have her and there’s no more demand to pay for her unlock, the nerfs will come.

They will need to make room for the next support in the premium BP.


Someone has been learning about wealth world :blush: :+1:


But can she damage boost like Mercy? :smirk:


She seems better at pocketing Genji and other flankers, not hitscans or Pharah. Damage boost should still be more valuable to them than anything Kiriko offers.

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But the cooldown of GA is way better? Mercy can get in…and get out. Kideeko is only one way and you better hope it was a good decision. The wall bits are cool, but I give it a coin flip as to whether it yields good results in a thick fight.


Did they change that? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t 10 each second when we first saw her kit.

MeRCy iS fiNe, BLizZard WoUlD neVer giVe heR BenEfIciAl changEs tO a HeRo theY caN moneTizE :moyai:


Not that I’m aware of. The visual indicator only shows 5 Ofuda because it’s fired in bursts of 2 that are then fired in bursts of 10.

To put it simply, the visual indicator depicts one Ofuda for every 2 ammo.

Have you watched some of the high level support players messing around with her yet?

She’s getting in and out pretty consistently.

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You are not making sense (to me), just so we are clear hps means heals per second. You are saying she fires off 10 toilet paper things in one second, healing someone for 130hp every second. Ana for example can do 85 hps if she uses her nade on cd and you average the reload time.

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Tell me you haven’t played Mercy, without telling me you haven’t played Mercy. Seriously just play her for 5 minutes, instead of theory crafting on a Hero you haven’t played yet. And if you have played Mercy… then your post is even worse.

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I got corrected. Apparently it’s 1.7 seconds. So it would be 130HP/1.7s

The Ofuda do 13HP/s per ammo so you just need to multiply that by 10 since her heals are released in bursts of 10.

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I got curious and googled it. She has a toilet roll of 10 sheets, she throws two sheets at a time. They heal for 13 each.

From what I see we do not know her rate of fire exactly but lets assume it is 1.7 seconds like someone said. 2 toilet sheets at 13 healing every 1.7 seconds means 23 / 1.7 = 13.5 hps. That seems way to low.

I’m going to guess her cast time is more like .5 seconds like her Kunai. So this means 23 / 0.5 = 46 hps. 46hps with travel time and we havn’t calculated the reload time. If we are just talking about hps Mercy is much better, but Healing is not what makes Mercy so good, it is that she can boost her pockets damage, something Toilet Paper girl cannot do. Mercy is by far the better pocket healer.

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she can do what she wants…my hitscan is going to make her wish she didnt attempt it.

You got it wrong. It’s 13HP per ammo. Two sheets would be 23HP.

Why would you do that when the 1.7s already takes into account the recharge time.

You forgot about her insanely broken ultimate that boosts all her teammates with everything from movement speed to increased fire-rate.

Kiriko is also a very good sustain healer with burst potential, better utility, a better ultimate, better mobility and better survivability. Also better damage but that’s also the entire OW roster…

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