Just paid $215 for the Blizzcon Winston skin

I feel bad and happy at the same time… oh well I just won’t go to the bar for a month or so. My tabs there are easily $50-80 with tip… just wanted to post this somewhere. About to get his Golden Gun so I really wanted this skin too…


Why tf would you waste $215 on a skin? i mean, it’s not my concern, but are you sure you won’t regret this later?


I understand this. Collecting stuff.


Probably. It was listed as $239 on eBay but I made an offer of $215 thinking the guy actually wouldn’t accept it… thing is two months ago another ad I could’ve gotten it for $195.

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I also understand but i rather have it physically instead of digitally lol… i’d pay 215 bucks for a Winston action figure but not for a skin.


I could hold onto it and resell it in a year… but I know myself and I probably won’t be able to do that.

It’s a rare skin.

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uhm, you could have gotten same thing for at least 100 cheaper if you were in the right discords…


I’m honestly not able to understand that.
I’d like too, but I’m not able to even have a start of understanding on that.

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I’d maybe understand it if the skin was very unique and a lot of work put into it but…
215$ just for a recolor? You unironically might wanna get help


Its fine
I spended over 500 on skins in fortnite and my son said “f this game and deleted it”
So much for being a mom lol

But what i try to say, go for it as long as u can eat daily :wink:

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This is the kind of behavior that is destroying the hobby.


cudos to you.

And you are the reason why this game will never get fixed.

Give money for a broken game, blizz goes “awesome we suckered another person for more revenue, now when more people buy our crap, we don’t need to fix anything as the revenue will continue from people are suckered into the game.”


But how did you actually obtain the skin? I have it too, it was part of that year’s Blizzcon virtual ticket. However, when you buy the virtual ticket, it’s “account-bound” and not a separate code you receive. (This is, I believe, to deter people from trying to re-sell those later on.)

Do the physical Blizzcon tickets come with separate codes for the in-game goodies?

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… But Blizzard didn’t get the $215. Some guy on ebay did.

Not disagreeing that it was a particularly frivolous purchase. But eh, it’s their money, not mine. They can do what they want. XD


The real question is why would he waste any sort of money on Overwatch in 2019 in the first place?


and another parent that thinks spending craploads on a kid is going to give them happiness.

Does it bring you happiness.

I can see why kids are selfish little crappers.


if you can afford it and it makes you happy go for it. life is short, no point hoarding money and living miserably.


I still want Pink Mercy skin, but not for the 215$, lmao.

:sunglasses: as a retro game collector (snes nes n64 etc) I understand the pain of collecting. Your wallet will recover eventually, but it will hurt for a short while… but in the end it’s WORTH IT :heart_eyes: