Just Got PC Overwatch! Tips?

I’m a Master player on console and I’ve started playing Overwatch on PC. This is my first FPS on the PC, although I’m already pretty familiar with the controls.

I’ve moved some keys around to make them easier to press for me; however, I’m still getting used to the sensitivity changes.

Any tips for me as a new PC player?

(Also, I already switched around hero settings like, Backwards Wall-Ride for Lúcio, for example.)

If you’re not doing so yet, I recommend putting in a bunch of practice, particularly for sensitivity, in the arcade mode, particularly in FFA (when it’s not mystery) and 4v4. That way, you can get a feel for your controls vs players better than against bots, though also in a way that won’t affect your comp games.

That’s what I’m doing. I’ve found a sensitivity I like (still fast enough to 180 and turn quickly). I played one game of AI just to throw myself into the game.

After that, I’ve been playing QP, Mystery Heroes, and Mystery FFA. I like the Mystery Game Modes, because it allows me to try out different heroes I may not have played on console and see which playstyles I like.

What is your EDPI at? (Sensitivity x DPI)

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What’s DPI?

DPI = Dots per inch.

How do I find this option? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in game?

That depends on the settings of your mouse, if it has any. It’s not in the game.

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Ok. I don’t think I could change the mouse settings. It’s my boyfriend’s PC.

Whats the brand name of the mouse?

My bf said it’s a cheap knockoff, but it’s called Tecknet.

How far do you have to move your mouse to do a full 360 spin?

I once wrote a small guide for friends, maybe it can help you?

Ok so first off I want you to know that aiming takes a lot of time, it won’t be handed to you for free.

If you want to learn how to aim, you have to first off find a sensitvity that fits you, there is no universal sensitivity that fits everyone.

use this video to find a sens that fits you.

If you get a result, but it somehow doesn’t feel comfterable to you or it’s just weird in general, then switch it.

Now you will have to practice. You can go into Widow HS games or 1v1’s really doesn’t matter

this video can help you find a way to practice your aim.

It usually also helps a lot if you understand how aiming works, surefour made a video about that

Wrist aimer (like myself) usually have a higher sens than arm aimers. Wrist also have an advantage over arm aimers in terms of tracking, because tracking motions is much more natural to the wrist than to arm. Arm aimers have an advantage in terms of flicking, because it’s easier for them to maintain the same height while flicking.

Don’t interpret me saying that wrist or arm have an advantage as that it’s the only way to play either one. You can flick with wrist just fine and you can track with arm just fine.

In general, you also want to learn how to combine movement with aim, straving + aim will become very important later on.
If you strave you should try to shoot when you switch direction, like when you press A and then switch to D you should shoot right when you press D.

Dependant on which hero you play against you should strave differently, for example when playing against a tracer, you will need to do smaller straves then when playing against a Zen.

Also when practicing, you always should go for the head, as that will help you improve more than going for the easy shots on the body.

remeber: “practice makes permanent, not perfect.”

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I’d have to check later, but I think it’s an inch or two.

that’s pretty low i think

I tried making it that fast, but I didn’t like it. As long as I can 180, I’m happy.

Well if you play with the controls on default it will always be super easy to set up an account:)

As far as sense in game it’s personal.
EDpi is your mouse dpi x in game sense. so a 400 dpi mouse x 8 in game is 3200 Edpi. Which is not so coincidentally what I use.

Scoped sense on Widow and Ana are generally put at 38 Ashe is at 51. That is personal preference though, but it keep the feel consistent relative to the zoom.

I already messed with everyone’s sensitivity. I just wasn’t familiar with PC settings and sensitivities.

My tip isn’t technical based, but a thing that a lot of my friends are having from switching to PC is being exceptionally disappointed is dropping a rank or 2, solely because they still weren’t used to PC controls.

So if that happens, don’t get too worked up about it, you’ll get back to it.

click on their heads