"Just give the rework a try before complaining" is a bad argument

When doom is on the horizon, doomsaying is appropriate.


This is true if the “chance” is cheap to give. But in this case it carries the strong probability of deleting a hero from the game.

It’s like: trade your wife, for another random woman in the world. And give her a chance! This new woman may be great, but she is very obviously not your wife. And you don’t need to give her a chance to know that.


This is the most crucial part of your post.

Another thing that needs to be talked about is these people who are saying this either (A) are blissfully ignorant of Blizzard as a company, or (B) have never experienced Blizzard’s form of balancing.

Blizzard will often leave stuff broken for MONTHS before fixing / addressing it.

So now IS the time to complain and talk about it.

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I’m copypasting my response from the Torb thread because you are very Right™

the game patching lately has been better overall, but I’m not currently convinced that the team would do the sensible thing for ‘trying out the rework’ - that is, making it an option on the PTR and then removing/significantly changing it if it falls through.

That’s bolditalicized because between when I started playing Feb 2017 until, God, the last two or three months, anything that went on the PTR almost always hit the live servers exactly the same. Moira, who couldn’t attack turrets and had the Ice Wall issue, Mercy’s entire rework that’s been ‘adjusted’, what, 12 times now? Doomfist’s 17 Issues that, I believe, that thread had a significant part in changing the patch culture - but after he was released, buggy as all hell. Literally the only thing I can even kind of remember is Orisa’s HP getting knocked down a bit to balance her.

Do I believe that the team can eventually put things on the PTR and then rework them effectively before live release? Sure!

Do I trust them to do that right this moment? …No, not really. Like a 35% right now, and that’s highballing.

They’ve adjusted her ult and the cooldown on her shield bash now, not sure what else.

Overall it’s actually been great balancing, but probably could have at least partially been addressed sooner.

I feel like the PTR is just not being correctly used, but I’ll admit that I’m probably a little salty over all the reworking/lateness of patching in general too.