Just give everyone their tokens and skins already

It’s been two weeks since the finals, it’d be nice if we either got some answers on what’s going on, or just give us the rewards.


Yes, we definitely needed another topic to complain about tokens.

Get the word out there.


If you are watching OWL for the tokens, maybe rethink your priorities.

I watch OWL because I like it, but I would like the tokens and the skins that were promised.


I too would like them, but seems we will be waiting longer.


It’s weird that I got the Pulse Pistol name card but not the Sojourn skin that’s on exactly the same tier.

It’s not like these skins aren’t up and running. I’ve seen a Kiriko player with the OWL skin running about so it’s not like all of us are in the same boat here.

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What I find weird is them still not adding the 3 new heroes team skins.

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Or updating the OWL skins to use the OW2 models.

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That too. My guess is when owl started in like April, the ow2 models were not done yet. But now they are, so hopefully update along with adding the new heroes soon enough.

I don’t watch, I just leave it in the pc

It’s coming man, chill

blizzard: maybe next time, we are busy making sure the cash shop never bugs