Just delete Brigitte

I have lost any faith of them eventually balancing her, either rework or just remove her from the game because I can’t think how else you’d make a dive counter or flank counter support without her being strong like this.


Same can be said about Hanzo, Mercy, etc.

I’d rather wait it out until they are balanced instead of deleting them.


It’s been how long and she’s still dominating…


What about Mercy and Zenyatta, then?..


Yes, that 4% pick rate shows uber domination.


In my opinion, as a tracer player, lower the damage from whip shot from 70 to 50 to prevent the one shot combo

Or just alt + f4

There’s no chance for them to be deleted, either way they actually add actual good things to these games.

They also aren’t as low skill high reward as she is.

This would be perfect, and with her shield bash on a 10 second cooldown could actually work.

Yes, the fact higher skilled heroes like when I have to play Ana, etc being shut down so easily isn’t domination…


Everyone knows Brigitte is incredibly overpowered now and counters MANY characters. She needs a HUGE NERF!!!


she didnt need the rework she just needed a specific buff reverted :roll_eyes:

but what do the people who played her for most of their OW time know?

asking for ANY deletion is dumb. They will NEVER delete a hero.

a rework will try to fix it. if that doesnt work another rework later on. if the design cant be saved even with rework…then last resort is a 100% overhaul of hero down to lore :expressionless: (and changing lore is something blizz devs arent afraid to do)

But, that’s kind of the issue, isn’t it?

Some people don’t think they’re good for the game. Some do. It’s not objective. They have a purpose and they fill it.

Same thing with Brigitte. Some people don’t think she’s good for the game. Some do. That’s not objective, either. She has a purpose - to stop the mobile heroes like Tracer, Genji, Winston, D.Va long enough to actually punish them.

I would argue that Mercy, who has a self-regeneration, very consistent and high heals, and the ability to resurrect is low-skill high reward…which is completely fine!

If we’re going to decide that heroes who don’t take the highest mechanical skill can never be effective, then that limits us to the stalest game ever.


But she has always been easily shut down in cases. I will admit the mid fight rez shouldn’t be there, but she isn’t as bad as Brig.


No she doesn’t need a “Huge nerf.” Just learn how to counter.


She has higher mobility, and she has a self-regeneration after one second. Brigitte has to attack to heal herself. She has to be close to enemies to heal herself. She can’t escape because she doesn’t have that mobility.

There are strengths to Mercy that Brigitte doesn’t have. There are strengths to Brigitte that Mercy doesn’t have. That doesn’t mean they’re bad for the game.


The fact is that her pick rate has been dropping steadily. There are more than half a dozen heroes more dominant statistically than Brig right now. So nerfing or deleting her on the basis of her “domination” would be ridiculous.

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i’ve gotten a lot better with countering brig and i’d talk to you about learning more counterplay, but

just because i can get around her easily doesn’t mean i like her. tbh i’d be perfectly happy if she was removed.

Brigitte got nerfed for her 3rd time already and whiners still complain about her ? damn Brigitte is the new Mercy

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I don’t consider her a problem. I even dare to say she is balanced.

She has her counters and weaknesses, but most players, especially players who play a dive hero, aren’t always willing to change to those heroes to counter her.

Instead of paying Genji or Tracer should they try playing Doomfist, Pharah, Junkrat or Bastion. Mei seem to be able to deal with her as well. Hanzo can break her shield with ease.

If we were talking about Hanzo or Mercy then I would have agreed with you. They have seen to lost most of their weaknesses and counters with their reworks. Brigitte on the other hand still has her weaknesses and counters.

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as a tracer player she definitely should have a way of one shotting tracer with a combo before she can recall. That’s her whole point.


thats 33% higher than the ideal pickrate for all heroes would be, which is 3%.

Delete Tracer and Genji first.

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