Junkrats buff is really a nerf

PvpTwitch explained part of it already where you can’t side jump or double mine jump as consistently anymore. But the biggest downsides he forgot to mention about this “buff” is that first off it’s harder to arch mines over walls which was EXTREMELY useful or confirming kills. Secondly, players have spent four years memorizing junkrats mine speed and arch and now it’s changed. It’s a huge nerf to anyone who consistently plays Junkrat.


should’ve probably given that feedback while the experimental was live


I disagree.

This buff gives the much needed consistency to secure those kills in the middle ranges where Junkrat kills often can survive due to the slower mines. The nade + mine combo is much better now compared to then.

We also got the ability to toss those mines at a far distances, something previous mines struggled to reach.

Relearning the arc isn’t that hard and rollouts just require a little adjustment (In fact, it feels like the mine buff is able to propel junkrat much further for some reason.).

And at this point, I’ll take any straight up buffs for Junkrat even if it’s QOL.


Sounds more like old muscle memory and new mental math needs to be applied and the normal rejection to change is leading the charge.

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We’re currently looking at lowering the minimum activation time between when you throw the Concussion Mine and how soon you can detonate it to help bring back the way some players double mine or side jump.

Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it!


Wait, an actual response from the devs?

Holy shoot.


What the heck Josh! Welcome to comp chat <3!

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Saying it’s a nerf is a stretch. A good junkrat won’t have an issue still being consistent with it. I’ve missed one or two jumps when the change hit but since then, have been consistent. While it does remove some specific tech, such as backpedaling and throwing the mine will no longer detonate in time to give you a boost, you can work around it.

The arc hasn’t changed too much, it shouldn’t have any effect on hitting people behind walls/shields. I can’t think of many situations where this removes/limits functionality.

As for people having to relearn how to throw the mine… since a blizzard dev posted here i have to comment.

If blizzard has to make a change to mechanics to make Overwatch a better game, then by all means change it. The players can adapt and relearn, it’s not a good excuse to keep the game in a poorly balanced state because players are lazy. Overwatch is a skill, you should be learning every day. I’ve one-tricked junkrat from season 2 and i know i don’t speak for all junkrats but stop being lazy and figure it out. It’ll take a day and you’ll be fine.

That being said, a lower time gives more control and would be a welcomed quality of life change. If we could do something about the same timer after tire is released and before it can be detonated that would be nice, or the two seconds after tire is detonated.


No, it really isn’t
It may be a slight nerf for close range fights but it’s a huge buff at mid to long range figbts

~1.5k hours on Rat with a peak of 3750ish

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Nice. This is good. in the last 48 hours I’ve failed at least 5 double mine jumps in comp that I wouldn’t have failed before the changes. One of them was even during my play of the game and was kinda embarrassing. lol

Thank you for the communication!

I apologize, but this is what you have to offer? I see a Blizzard tag next to this post and this is what you have to offer? The fact that Junkrat’s even brought up already causes my head to spin cause that’s the least of my issues with this game. Whenever I think about this game’s balance, Junkrat is not the first person who comes to mind. I don’t even like the character and even I feel like touching him compared to other characters is a waste of time. What about Zarya? What about Dva?

The tag doesn’t mean they are from blizzard dude. It just means someone from Blizz replied at some point, which they did.

Yes, but why is this a concern for Blizzard over other things?

Because they had a response to it? Why is it a concern to you? Just because they say something doesn’t mean it’s all they care about or that everyone needs to read it.


Because, there are so many other characters that need rebalancing and THAT’S their choice? I’m not trying to be rude, but it’s actually a little insulting. When I think of balance changes, there are sooooo many characters that come to mind and at this point, Junkrat reaches maybe near the mid bottom of my list.

Dude I read your other post and the simple fact is that all heroes even the middle of the road ones need quality of life changes at the least. That’s all they mention here for Junkrat, making it so you can detonate his mines sooner after you throw it. They work on the balance of the entire game at the same time for all heroes and while some are bigger focuses that doesn’t mean that if someone notices an easy fix that will improve the quality of the game for minimal work that it should not be done.


I guess the staff member didn’t get the memo that OW staff aren’t allowed to post on the forums. /s

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I understand where you’re coming from. But c’mon man. This game’s selections are soooo limited. It focused so hard on creating a countering meta, that some characters are just extremely good now and some are left to rot. I almost always see Rein and Zarya. If Echo’s on the map, it’s over. And I’m not saying they aren’t touching these characters, it’s just that every patch, they don’t really do all that much usually, save for a few characters and the rest of it being “eh” changes for characters that are already fine or didn’t even help the crappy ones/hurt the good ones.

This might sound dumb, but if they truly believe their design will work because they thought it through, chances are, it’ll work when the best of the best fight. But at this point, some characters are extremely viable, excused for being so and some characters are “good in certain situations.”

I’m tired of playing Rein man… I almost never get to play Dva. If there’s a Zarya or Hammond on our team during certain maps, over a Dva, guess who’s gonna be switching. Sometimes he works with Dva, but not all the time and even then, I don’t even like Hammond and would rather not even switch to him. But this game forces you to switch so often and to few selections, why not FIX that?

It does not force you. But if all heroes are so even then any change in the situation for the game will make one hero better than the others for that moment. They can do all they want to stop a “counter” meta but the thing is, with all the abilities and different kits in the game you can’t stop counters from existing and being a good choice without removing all of these options and making it a random call of duty shooter where everyone is the same. The only time counters are even good is if the player on it is good at that hero, if they aren’t then the person being “countered” can just keep going on.

Otherwise the rest of your issues with the game come down to player mentality and that’s not their job to fix. They can’t force players to switch any more than they can make you not switch if you don’t want to. If anything it just looks like you’re just salty and looking for other reasons to be mad at the game.