Junkrat PTR Change In A Nutshell


Because decreasing the projectile size decreases the chance of a direct hit as well, so it’s not worth exposing yourself in the midrange fight for a direct hit as opposed to artillery shelling or muzzle stuffing - they actually reduced the skillful element of the character and increased his RNG, not the other way around.


honestly spam is not a bad thing.
spam means you can do a lot more damage to tanks then to non-tanks (which is a great way to counter tanks).
making it more spammy amplify that, which would normally be a good thing (if only tanks were not already in a sh*t position).


Spam isnt the only thing needed however. Any junkrat maintaining a position from plat to GM knows you HAVE to get direct hits on characters. Theres too many shields and heals now for projectiles to miss MORE. As a character he has like a 12-15% hit ratio, He cleans up on kills but only if the hit lands on someone who is low enough or isnt being shielded, which isnt often…


Aka braindead players without common sense that run into slow red glowing balls.


How they translated " people need to be more aware " to " Man its just Too hard to pay attention" is fundamentally mind breaking.


genji is not even there just goes to show how little you watch owl


… Maybe read before you comment?


To be fair, I had a 20 kill streak on temple of anubis and all I did is sat in one place shooting at a wall, bouncing the nades into where I thought the enemy team would be going into the choke point. (Now, if I didn’t have a good team, I’m sure they would’ve stopped me) but spamming IS definitely a thing.


I feel like it’s another case of “people wanted this character to be nerfed so we just did it to stop them from complaining.”

Junkrat’s spammy style of gameplay can be annoying, but I felt like he was in an okay place after the concussion mine nerf as a non-Junkrat player. He’s not overly frustrating to fight since he can’t get a free kill with concussion mines, but he was still dangerous if you didn’t approach him correctly.

This just feels like nerfs for the sake of nerfs without much thought, especially since it’s just number tweaks and not any mechanic adjustments.


The only change junkrat needed was for his ultimate to charge slower.


Coulda rolled with that, on average only 4 kills per game are from a tire.


I woudnt compare Junkrat with Hanzo. Hanzo had another projectile speed buff. Junkrat nades are slow as a roadhog crawl.


I think the rip tire needs a decrease in damage it easily does 400+ damage


I for one don’t think spam is a problem. I know it’s annoying, but different players find different things annoying. I’d rather die from grenade spam than a skilled widow headshot because I generally have more control avoiding spam. Having 1 or 2 heroes that are good at spamming chokepoints or barriers is good for the game, it needs a role like that. Junkrat is a defense hero that is dangerous in close quarters and can lock down key choke points with grenade spam or tear down a Rein shield with his grenades. I don’t see what’s wrong with that. I don’t think the size nerf was needed, just the ult one. They could even increase his ult charge required, I just think they need to get rid of that primary weapon change. He didn’t need much of a nerf. Don’t tell me he’s as good as tracer or winston. He’s good on certain close quarters maps like control center on Lijiang Tower, like he should be.


It often feels like Junk’s grenades explode by proximity, not by their actual model touching your character. And lemme tell ya’ thats bs right there.

  1. spam is less effective so how does it encourage it? The grenades are smaller and easier to avoid

  2. Yes it is more difficult to hit this is intended

  3. It is a nerf no compensation is needed if so what is the point of the nerf?

You just don’t like that he is nerfed no need to act like it makes no sense. With this nerf landing direct hits is more important than ever for junkrat. Get to practicing

  • Promotes spam by discouraging direct hits, Its ALREADY Hard enough to tag a fast moving tracer at 10 meters witht he 2nd slowest projectile in the game.

  • It makes -ALL - hits harder, not just people who arent paying attention to their soroundings



Reducing the hitbox makes it even harder to score direct hits, especially in close range. This means it’s extremely risky to get close to enemies because you will have a harder time hitting your shots. And thus that leads to Junkrat players standing back in a safer space just spamming grenades because it is less risky.

That is how it promotes more spam.


He is f-tier again. This removes all skill from him. They just gave him old hanzo’s damage consistency problems at range pre the first arrow speed buff super slow small projectiles. That means he is no longer viable to be played at range. His only uses now are shield breaking bot and diving into peoples faces suicide machine.


And the tradeoff isnt worth it. Hanzo is TEARING through teams on PTR right now. The 2 characters with cards and 3 golds at the end of each match is both teams Hanzos